Fun Things Every Couple Can Try In The Bedroom (And Beyond)

fun things couple can try
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Sex is fun, sex is essential to keep a relationship healthy and fresh. Sooner or later, however, sex can become a little bit boring. You’re probably still in love with your partner and you find them the most arousing person on the face of the planet. In the absence of new things to discover, however, sex can lose a little bit of the adrenaline rush.

So, what can couples try out to keep things fun, fresh, and exciting?

Here are a couple of fun suggestions everyone can try in the bedroom (and not just there, of course!).

Take Some Naughty Pictures

New studies show that nudes and sexting can really help a relationship that’s lost a little bit of heat.

Taking naked pictures and sending them to your loved one (or having your partner being the photographer) involves a lot of excitement. A picture shows your body with all of its beauty and little imperfections. It helps your partner truly see you, especially if you usually get intimate with the lights off.

In addition, sending nudes builds trust and results in a little bit of an adrenaline rush. Needless to say, this excitement will easily translate to wilder bedroom activities and even to better communication.

If you feel a bit too conscious about taking nudes, start out with a little boudoir shot. Snapping pictures in some sexy lingerie can be as sexual (and even more enticing) as complete nudity.

Play a Sexy Game

Many couples feel shy about trying new things in the bedroom.

In time, a familiar and comfortable routine develops.

You get to know each other really well. You internalize the ways your partner likes to be touched and loved. Hence, you start sticking to this familiar routine instead of testing out something new. Playing sex board games can be the trigger that gets you to diversify the familiar sexual practices.

The good news is that you can choose among many versions of such games. Some are incredibly naughty. Some are a bit more innocent and well-suited to the needs of shy couples. As you get used to such little challenges, you can move on to naughtier and spicier tasks. Who knows, you could discover stuff about yourself and about your partner you wouldn’t have suspected otherwise.

Read Erotica Together

Watching adult movies isn’t something everyone enjoys.

And while psychologists and sexologists do recommend watching such films together, many couples aren’t keen on the idea.

If this isn’t your thing, you can test out something different.

Written erotica can be very gentle or quite kinky.

Talk to your partner about your fantasies and if you don’t know how to explore those, consider reading some erotica that tackles the topic. The experience is completely different because there’s no visual. As a result, erotica can stimulate your fantasy in a way that no movie is capable of. Give it a try to find out whether it’s your thing.

Go for a Full-Body Massage

Sensual touching that isn’t necessarily sexual can build a lot of intimacy.

If you’ve never given your partner a full-body massage (or received one), the time is right to tackle the omission.

A full-body massage acquaints you with every little piece of skin and every part of somebody else’s body. At the same time, it’s a relaxing and peaceful experience that can be very pleasurable in its own way.

Some couples incorporate massages into their foreplay but this kind of touch doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex (if you don’t want it to). Rather, give this new experience a try to learn something new about your partner and their body.

Sleep Naked

And by sleeping, we really mean sleeping.

It is astonishing how many people in a long-term relationship are self-conscious and uncomfortable with nudity.

Is having sex with the lights off your thing? If so, you may want to consider some confidence-boosting activities that will help you own your nudity.

Going to bed with nothing on is a good idea to address your insecurities and share a very intimate moment with your partner.

Just think about it – how do you feel about your partner’s naked body? You adore it, don’t you? Chances are that they feel the same way about you. The more you spend naked time together, the more you’ll internalize the fact that you’re sexy and desired.

Having a shower together is another similar fun activity that can be very exciting and fun.

It’s Bodypaint Time!

Similar to the previous fun activity, painting each other’s bodies may seem completely ridiculous at first but this is a great way to build intimacy.

Using bodypaint on each other really allows you to take your partner’s body in. On top of that, the activity is a little bit ridiculous and childish. It will cause a couple of giggles and there’s nothing better than sharing a laugh with each other.

Just make sure you’re using body-safe paints and also – know that the situation can get messy. Don’t put on your fancy sheets on the bed if you plan to get dirty after putting paint all over each other.

Write a Love Letter to Each Other

The final activity is a bit more challenging than the other fun things mentioned in this list.

Taking the time to write a love letter to each other is a good idea if you believe that your relationship has become a little bit habitual.

Sitting down to put your emotions in words will remind you about how you fell in love and what you appreciate in your partner the most. Such exercises can easily rekindle the spark that made you a couple in the first place.

Don’t forget to read the letters out loud to each other for a bit of added impact. While you may feel somewhat uncomfortable at first, the emotional impact of such exchanges is undeniable.

Needless to say, these are just a few fun ideas for you to try out. There are dozens of other sexy games and activities you can choose from on the basis of your character and preferences. What matters the most is spending quality time together and being open about your feelings.

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