9 Furniture Style Tips To Bring Your Home To Life

furniture style tips
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A house should always be a home to the people who live in it. Your home should be a sanctuary to you, a place of peace, and a haven for your family. Whether you’re coming home from a vacation or a tough nine-to-five grind, your house should always be able to provide you with rest and comfort as you just put your feet up and relax. To achieve this, you must make your house warm and cozy, organized, and full of life.

One way to adorn your home is to consider styling or modifying your furniture. You may use one common theme for a specific area of your house or mix and match according to your preferences. Remember, it’s always better to have the owner’s personal touch in any home design to reflect their personality. Either way, spicing up your home furniture can bring excitement and zest to your interior.

In case you decide to replace them because you want to add more elegance and life to your home, visit online furniture stores such as Home Shoppe to explore your options. To give you some ideas on what stuff to look for, below are 9 furniture style tips to consider:

1. Adopt the Mid-Century Modern Style

This style is simple and very functional in form. It’s usually fit for someone with a busy lifestyle. Consider its sleek curves and bold geometrics and arrange them in a way that will make your room or area look uncluttered. A kempt and organized room inspired by mid-century modern style will look desirable and calming to you, especially when coming home from a busy day.

furniture style tips

2. Go Rustic

The rustic furniture style is all about the finish. It has a warm and inviting look because of its naturally artistic style. You can paint raw wood with wood stains before applying varnish to bring emphasis to the natural beauty of the wood. Most rustic furniture, though, isn’t finished with varnish to maintain its textured and rough look.

This style would even work for people who are working on a shoestring budget. One creative way to effectively bring a home to life using the rustic style is getting old wooden furniture refurbished or repurposed, which naturally gives it a rugged touch.

3. Adhere to Contemporary Design

Contemporary is a furniture style that’s constantly adapting to the modern era; it’s a combination of modern and minimalist design ideas. If you want to implement this furniture style, the key is to keep things clean and simple. You’ll have to honor Mies van der Rohe’s principle: “Less is more.”

You can achieve this look by getting contemporary style furnishings that make a statement even while using natural materials with smooth geometric silhouettes and unembellished surfaces. Following these will enable you to maintain your home’s contemporary style.

4. Be Creative with the Mission Style

Despite its simple straight-line construction, this is one of the most durable furniture styles. Furniture of this style can be arranged along parts of the house such as the windows, staircases, or in a living room with frames hanging on the wall. Because this style can highlight straight lines and flat panels, it will make your house look more orderly and uncluttered.

5. Get a Homey Look and Feel with the Country Style

With a farmer lifestyle vibe, you can incorporate this furniture style into your house to have a simple, strong, and modest interior. Letting the natural light shine on your country-style furniture through your windows will even emphasize its warm and cozy appeal.

6. Be Classy with the French Country Style

French country style is rustic yet elegant, simple yet fancy, sophisticated yet relaxed. One thing you must remember if you have this furniture style in your house is that not everything has to match; the place has to look lived. You can try putting complementary fresh flowers on tables or countertops and rearranging throw pillows, couches, and tables from time to time.

7. Be Graceful and Stylish with the Formal Style

This is a luxurious furniture style that gives off a sense of occasion. Furniture of this style should always look balanced and elegant, like a well-dressed woman of noble birth. Accents of gold, silk curtains, and glimmering decorations can help you achieve the balance and elegance of the formal furniture style. You may get a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa or a fancy dining table for living and dining areas to match the formal theme of your furniture.

8. Blend In with the Transitional Style

This furniture style is a combination of traditional and contemporary. For this reason, transitional furniture style exudes elegance. To attain this trendy interior look, remember to keep it looking classic while adding a modern twist. You must embrace a calming color palette for that classic look and feel, and keep it modern by adjusting the palette according to the current season or the colors of the outside environment—earthy colors.

9. Spark Life with Live Edge

Live edge is a furniture style with a natural character. To achieve a live edge furniture style, your furniture should radiate natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship like the rustic style’s raw and unfinished look. Salvaged wood pieced together beautifully is a good way to achieve a live edge furniture style.

Bonus Tips On Home Improvement:

1. Reinvent Your Furniture

You might have mismatched chairs in the dining room or any part of the house that just seem unpleasant to the eyes, making you want to get rid of them. However, that would not be very wise or economical. Instead of throwing them away, you can unify them instead. One way to do that is by painting them with the same color/s and finish. This is a sure-fire way to stylize your furniture, bringing your home to life.

2. Display Conversation Pieces

Conversation pieces can come in different shapes and sizes. It could be an ottoman you bought from a well-known shop, a coffee table that was gifted to you by a dear friend, or a desk that was handed down to you by your grandparents. Whatever it may be, any furniture or décor can bring life to your home depending on how much value you put in it. If it sparks a conversation, then it sparks life.

3. Put Fresh Fruits on the Table

Fresh fruits can bring a simple table to life. They can make a table look as if it was a still life painting by Caravaggio. Not only will fruits add color and vibrance to a piece of furniture, but they will also make healthy nibbles easily available to you and your family—especially to the kids!

These can help promote a healthy eating habit in the family too, instead of chowing down on junk food or full, heavy meals. Whether it be a dining table, coffee table, or the center table in your living room, fresh fruits will always get the job done!


Furniture has always been symbolic of lifestyle—to some, of wealth and luxury. You have probably been moving your furniture around to see how it would fit perfectly inside your home and to the way you live. It’s fine, furniture should not look frozen in time, they should always be arranged according to your comfort and style.

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