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How To Get TikTok Famous

With the onset of the pandemic, some might find themselves with a lot of extra time and some of you might have developed an interest in the new internet sensation called TikTok. Maybe you want to start making TikToks, or maybe you already have.

If the idea of becoming TikTok famous and making a career as a social media influencer resonates with you, then one of the fastest ways to gain popularity is to buy TikTok views. Of course, there are other ways to become a TikTok star. In this article, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for you to kickstart your TikTok journey. Keep reading to find out more!

Use a trending sound

The type of audio you use is the most important part of any TikTok video. Songs that are trending at the moment can help to boost your feed and even make it viral! Scroll through your TikTok feed, and you will see many users lip-syncing or dancing to popular trends and songs. We recommend taking advantage of trends and popular songs to engage a wider audience. This can potentially help you to earn more likes and followers as time goes by. 

Use trending hashtags

As with most social media platforms, TikTok always makes use of hashtags to help categorize trending topics. Viewers also find ways to watch content that they like through the help of hashtags.

Make use of popular hashtags when you are posting content because not only do they help you reach a wide audience, hashtags can also indicate special TikTok trends such as challenges. The best way to know what kind of hashtags to use is to copy the hashtags that popular videos are using. 

Hijacking popular hashtags

Moreover, while using good hashtags is one thing, you can do better by hijacking these hashtag trends. Even if they are not related to the video, by hijacking TikTok hashtags, you give your content a chance to trend or even go viral. All you need to do is use popular hashtags and challenges, and add them to the caption of your videos.

As other people are currently browsing through these hashtags, they will also be more likely to come across your content. Overall, it is important to have a mix of related and unrelated hashtags. 

Recreate TikTok trends

When creating TikTok content, you should focus on what’s trending right now. If you want to be seen on other people’s For You Page, it is important to take part in trends at the right time and not after it dies down. Trends can include skits and dances, as well as certain sounds that have gone popular. You can even try to make your version of these trends, which can help you stand out from the crowd as well. 

Duet with other people

Another way to get famous is to ride on the coattails of other people’s fame. Not only does TikTok offer the option to stitch someone else’s video, but you can also duet them and perform alongside them even if you don’t know the person. People who are fans of other users might go on to check out relevant duets and may come across your content as well. If you are choosing to collaborate with someone, make sure to tag them and use the right hashtags to engage your audience. 

Be consistent

The fastest way to lose followers is to not post at all. Especially in such a past-faced environment, people get bored easily and scroll quickly. But not only do you have to post regularly, but it is also important to post content that has similar themes. This can help to make your feed more cohesive and entertaining to scroll through.

While you still can try new things and post different types of content, having a feed that is too varied may deter viewers as compared to something more consistent. 

Improve your video quality

While Instagram may favor homemade videos more, TikTok is the complete opposite of that. Videos that are of high visual quality and interestingly edited are the ones that gain the most traction among the rest.

Not only do you have to be aesthetic, but the content must also be well shot. This means that you should avoid posting grainy videos and lighting matters as well. If you are recording your audio such as by singing or talking, then make sure that the audio quality of your content is clear and crisp as well. 

Join challenges

Just like trends, TikTok also has trending challenges as well with special hashtags. Why not join in the fun by creating content in response to the challenge? Not only do they help you to stand out, but you might also even get featured in it’s initiated by a brand or anything else along with the likes. 

Create original music

You might have noticed musicians taking their shot on TikTok by featuring original music and remixes. As an entertainment platform, TikTok not only acts as a creative outlet but has also helped many songs go viral through its community. If you are an aspiring artist or producer, then we believe that this is the place to showcase what you can do. 

Comment on popular videos

Another way to quickly gain followers is to post a witty comment under popular videos of other TikTok users. If your comment garners a lot of likes and resonates with the crowd, then people are more likely to check out your profile as well. If you post regularly, this is a very good opportunity for others to take interest in your content and eventually follow you.

Share on other social media platforms

If you are active on other social media platforms, don’t be shy and share all your other links as well. If you have more followers on Instagram for example, this can help to boost engagement to your TikTok and vice versa. 


In this modern digital age, trends and news go by very quickly and TikTok is one of the applications that capitalize on this. It is not easy to go viral overnight, but we believe that it is now truly possible to become famous gradually if you put in the hard work and leverage on what’s popular right now. 

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