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5 Working Steps to Get Work in Singapore

Singapore is on the list of places where it is easy to set up a business. It is a place where many people like to set up their business. Well, not just business but working in Singapore as a whole is a delight.

The place has the lowest taxation and the costs for livelihood are also minimal. Along with this, the climate is also warm and welcoming, who wouldn’t like such a place? No wonder Singapore is called the hub of Asia as the place is safe for everyone.

As we mentioned earlier, Singapore is one of the favorite places for businessmen for their new startups and this is why getting work in Singapore is not that difficult and is doable. The number of jobs granted in Asian countries is steadily growing and Singapore is one of the places granted these jobs.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few steps in which to get work in Singapore. Read further to know more.

1. Meet Work Eligibility

Before you start looking for jobs in Singapore, it is important that you make sure that you are eligible for working in Singapore. The country has many working terms that an employee has to meet depending on one’s qualification.

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has developed an assessment tool that helps you determine whether or not you are eligible to work in the country. However, the results of this test shall not be taken as a guarantee for eligibility as some jobs require eligibility according to their own terms. Also, in order to get a visa, it is a necessary requirement to have a job in place.

2. Pick A Growing Industry

When you look for a job it is important that you first determine if that particular industry is flourishing or not. It is true that many businesses are setting up and the country is a host for many markets, at the same time there are many industries that are flourishing.

Traditionally, Singapore is one of the best places for finance professionals who are involved in audits and securities. However, these days, apart from this, industries like IT and digital marketing are also advancing to a great extent. Joining the tech industry can be a smart move, offering diverse career opportunities. The sector is ripe with opportunities for those with digital skills, as companies seek professionals adept in areas like software development and data analysis. This increasing demand highlights the pivotal role that digital expertise plays in today’s tech-driven job market.

If you are a compliance specialist or into administration, it is a good opportunity to get a job in Singapore. Apart from these industries, technology, medical, E-commerce, Tourism, and Computer Science are also growing industries in Singapore. It is up to you to pick the right one based on your qualifications.

3. Study Employment Practices

Just like the eligibility, it is important that you ensure that the working terms in Singapore suit you well. It is a good idea to study the employment practices and to determine whether or not they suit your lifestyle and livelihood. Before you plan to work in any country it becomes vital to determine if the terms and conditions of that particular country to work in are favorable for you.

You have to go through the salary options, leaves and holidays, training programs, working hours, contracts, and more such things to make sure that you are comfortable with those. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has also comprehended a list of employment practices that will help you understand the working standards and terms in Singapore.

4. Seek Help From Employment Agencies

Well, there are many people who think that going for agencies may be a waste of time or something like that. However, it is certainly a false belief. There are employment agencies that genuinely work for you and make sure that you get selected for a given job. They will help you with everything starting from your CV to cover letter.

The agencies will also help you with understanding a particular industry and potential employer so that you have a good idea before you step in. They will help you by briefing you about a company’s history and culture so that you fit in well. Although it is your responsibility to find and entrust a good agency suitable for your industry and skills.

5. Apply For Work Visa

Lastly, after you get a job offer letter, you have to take care of your Singapore working Visa or you may call it an employment pass. Once you get your working visa or employment pass, it will be your final step before you get ready to move there for work.

Singapore is a good place that welcomes foreigners and so getting your visa wouldn’t be troublesome. To obtain the visa all you require is a job offer letter, submission of registration fees, and submission of your application. Your visa can be processed online and can be done in about 7 days.

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