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7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Book Lovers!

Buying the right gift for your loved one is extremely difficult. And to find a perfect gift for a book-lover can take you months. However, it’s not impossible. This world has categories of people and for every category, there’s something out there. You just need the right place and thing to look for it.

So, if your friend or relative is a book-lover or a book-worm and if you aren’t, they wouldn’t be indulged in other activities as much as you. This means you’ll need to research a little before buying them a gift. But to save you time, we have already done the needful.

You’ll find the 7 perfect gift ideas for book lovers here.

1. Customized library stamp

Book-lovers have their own community. They love to strike conversations with other bookworms and take a peek into their library. Hence if your friend lends books to other people, a customized library stamp can be the best gift for them.

At times, when people borrow books, they forget to return or they forget the person from whom they have borrowed. These library stamps will help keep a note of it and multiply the chances of the book being returned back.

These stamps come in various sizes. Most of these stamps are self-inking but if yours isn’t, fill some ink in the stamp before gifting.

2. Husband Pillow

Some people read books while leaning or sleeping on a set of pillows. These pillows either turn flat or keep moving because of the body weight. This gets annoying after a while.

So, you can gift your book-lover friend a husband pillow. This keeps the pillow intact and also has a neck bolster to provide extra comfort. It stays upright and comes in different colors and sizes.

3. Kindle

Statista says that over 71% of people download e-books and read them offline. Only 29% of people purchase hard copies of books.

If your friend prefers digital copy, then Kindle is the best gift for them. Kindle Paperwhite provides a bright display and also supports heavy storage for up to thousands of books.

If you have a higher budget, you can gift Kindle Oasis.

4. Membership for audiobooks

Few people love books but don’t get time to read them. At such times, they prefer audiobooks. The biggest advantage of audiobooks is that they can listen to the book when they’re cooking, cleaning, or are indulged in other activities.

There are a number of audiobook platforms that you can choose from. Select any one, buy its subscription and gift it to your friend. Make sure the platform has enough variety of books to gain the attention of your book-obsessed friend.

5. Scratch-off puzzle

This is a pretty interesting and motivating gift. The scratch-off puzzle comes in a 23-by-16 inch poster that your friend can stick to the wall. It shows a list of 100 books.

Mind you, these 100 books are all classics. So whenever your friend will scratch the silvery cover of these 100 slots given, they’ll find a name of the book that they can read.

This will give their wall a nice look and the motivation to read more classics.

6. Stylish glasses

We all know we stereotype readers with glasses. And as a matter of fact, the readers love glasses. So, you can give them some stylish glasses that are also comfortable when they’re reading the book. It adds to their beauty and helps reduce the stress from their eyes while reading. You can choose from the different classic colors available.

Another gift related to this can be an eyeglass holder. If your friend already has an eyeglass, gift them a holder to rest the glasses when they’re sleeping.


All book readers need bookmarks. It is an observed fact that they love creative bookmarks. Why not gift them some? You can choose bookmarks that have attractive literary art and design.

Over to you…

Apart from these, you can also gift them reading lights, literary book puzzles, reading blankets, etc. as per their choice. Gift them something that can further encourage their reading habits. You can also visit for more ideas.

This is the ultimate list that you’ll need to buy gifts for a book-lover. The choices laid above are sure to be loved by your book-lover friend. Don’t forget to let us know which one was your favorite!

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