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Creative Gift Ideas to Pamper a New Mom

Motherhood in all its glory is unsurprisingly one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is all-encompassing. In between the joyous, incredible moments are lots of bleak ones, especially for new mums. That’s why it is so important to show them that you care during the early stages of motherhood.

The range of issues and emotions that new mothers go through can vary from baby blues to full-blown postpartum depression. Part of these problems arise as a result of unrealistic expectations of motherhood as well as the lack of support.

It is easy for new mums to feel alone and isolated. No matter how hard one tries, sometimes it seems impossible to pull things together. A new mum can put in 100% effort and dedication and she’ll still feel as though she’s failing miserably.

The missing piece to the equation is typically support. Giving it, `especially in gift form`, can be uplifting beyond words. Not only do new moms appreciate the gifts but they are important because they remind moms that someone out there is watching out for their welfare, which is priceless.

If you are looking for gifts for a new mom in your life, here are some creative gift ideas to pamper her:

A shiatsu foot massager

Post-partum foot pain is a real thing! Everyone always talks about swollen feet during pregnancy. What most people don’t know is that foot problems are common during and after pregnancy. The last thing any new mom wants is to deal with foot pain when there’s already so much going on.

A shiatsu foot massager can be the perfect gift for anyone that is suffering from foot pain. For centuries, healers in Asia have been speaking about the link between our overall well being and our feet. They state that various pressure points on the feet are directly connected to areas of tension in other parts of our body.

When nerves in our feet are stimulated, they send signals to our brains that helps us relax and heal. This is referred to as reflexology in China or shiatsu in Japan. The best and most accessible way to get a shiatsu massage is through a shiatsu foot massager.

These gadgets are portable and all the mum in your life has to do is plug in the device and allow the machine to handle the rest. You’ll never hear about sore, tired, or aching feet again.

A pair of comfy fuzzy slippers

If you are buying a gift for the type of mom who is always up and moving, having a new baby is not likely to change that, especially if she already has other kids. Keep the new mom comfortable and feeling stylish as she runs up and down the house with a pair of comfortable fuzzy slippers.

Slippers make a great gift because there is a wide array out there, which means that you can find a style that is just right for the recipient. If you want to make the gift a little more personal, consider having it monogrammed with the new mom’s initials or the date of her little one’s birth.

Robot vacuum

Having a new baby in the household means less time for cleaning. However, it is still essential for new mums to maintain a clean home, particularly as babies are sensitive to germs and viruses owing to their undeveloped immunity system. Take the stress out of cleaning by gifting the new mum in your life with a smart vacuum.

Most smart vacuums have powerful suction that picks up dirt and debris from the floor. These smart vacuums are app-controlled which means that the new mommy can set it and forget it. When the vacuum is done cleaning, it will shut itself off automatically, which means that the new mum never has to worry about the baby waking up before naptime ends.

A baby wrap or carrier

Whether the new mom in your life is preparing dinner, cleaning the house, stocking up on supplies at the grocery store, or working from home, she is going to want to keep a close eye on her baby, especially during those first few sensitive weeks. A quality wrap/carrier can ensure that the baby is close at all times.

Most wraps are made using a blend of stretchy cotton material and spandex fabric which then allows it to envelop the baby and keep him or her safe. Be sure to look for a wrap that is easy to clean and even easier to use. Some varieties in the market can be complex and hard to figure out- definitely do your best to avoid these kinds.

A weighted blanket

A weighted blanket can be a lifesaver. New moms don’t get to sleep much, but when they do, the quality of their sleep should be excellent because they are tired. But sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep, especially when one is concerned about their baby.

A weighted blanket is designed to ensure that the new mom in your life enjoys deep sleep, whether she’s napping next to her little one or on the couch after a long and exhausting night of breastfeeding.

Final Thoughts

There is no use denying it- having a baby can turn your life topsy-turvy. It is very common for new moms to feel dazed and overwhelmed after bringing their baby home from the hospital. That’s why offering support in the way of useful gifts during the early phase can make all the difference in the world.

But picking gifts for new mums can be a little trickier than expected especially if you’ve never done it before. You want to go for gifts that are practical and functional that can ease the transition into motherhood. Gifts that are designed to encourage the new overtired mum to kick back and relax are also typically very welcome.

Gifts for the baby are nice but the new mom in your life probably has collected more than enough onesies, bottles, rompers, and burp cloths to last them a few months. Instead of getting an adorable gift for babu, get a gift that promotes self-care for the new mom in your life. We promise none of you will regret it!

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