Fun Gifts To Give The One You Love

gifts to the one you love
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There’s definitely no specific time or event needed for you to give a present for your loved one. Whether it’s valentine’s day, their birthday, your anniversary, or just a typical day, it’s always the right time to give them gifts. But the thing is, it’s not always easy to pick out the best gifts for them. You can go all day strolling in different malls and not seem to find the perfect gift.

Gift shopping for your loved one can sometimes be intimidating, especially if they just plainly told you, ‘anything will do.’ Anything can be anything, and that’s a sure way to make your mind even more puzzled.

To give you some new and fresh ideas, here’s a list of some fun gifts to give for the one you love that they’ll also surely appreciate.

1. Jar of Love

If you have empty used glass jars at home, make use of it as a gift for your loved one. If you don’t have one, you can also buy empty glass jars in the mall, then fill them with pieces of cut papers with personalized messages in each of them.

Since a jar of love isn’t something you can buy directly at the mall, it’s a sure way to make your loved one feel appreciated and loved, especially with the thought of your effort in creating and writing all the pieces of notes.

2. Bouquets

The first thing that may have crossed your mind is flower bouquets. If you want to shake things up, why not a bouquet of their favorite chocolates?

Chocolate Bouquets have a wide variety of chocolate bouquets that you can choose from that’s fit for any occasion. Plus, you can have it delivered to your loved one’s doorstep as part of the surprise. To make it more personal and touching, don’t forget to add your love notes on it.

3. Photo Collage

Another fun gift idea to give for your loved one is a personalized photo collage. This DIY project is very easy to create or you can also search up on the internet for a step-by-step guide on making this. You only need to have a large frame–an 8×11 or 8×13 size will do.

Then, have your favorite couple pictures printed out in different sizes-small, medium, and large pictures. After that, glue all of these pictures in the form of a collage. Arrange them in different sizes until they all fit together.

Lastly, place it in the picture frame so you have a photo collage made with love for your loved one.

4. A Huge Pillow

Instead of a regular size pillow, give them something out of the ordinary like a massive one. There are plenty of designs available in-store, either it’s a cartoon character pillow or a giant Heart pillow with the words ‘I love you.’

Pillows are cute, and it’s a sure way to make them swoon. You can buy two and have fun pillow fights together.

5. The Story Of Us

Being in a relationship is a story worth writing and keeping for. You can put all your little memories together in the form of a scrapbook. Fill it with random couple pictures and add personalized messages on each page saying how much you value each moment you spend with them.

This touching DIY book is such a sweet gesture that can surely make them feel touched and loved.

6. Your Own Baked Cake

Whether you’re a talented cake baker or not, this is still a fun gift to give to your loved one. If you’re up for it, you can bake a cake that’s formed in their first name’s initial letter. That’s a sure way to keep the cake more personalized. Don’t forget to add tiny hearts on it, too!

7. Mysterious Trail Notes

This one definitely shouts for fun and adventure. This requires careful planning and some help with your friends if you want this to work correctly.

You can add a trail of notes for your loved one, either from their bedroom or their office, leading them from one note to another, until they reach the final note that contains your real gift for them or leads to an address of a suite room in a hotel you just booked for the two of you. This will definitely be a huge surprise for your partner.

Show Your Love

There are still countless gift ideas that you can create or buy for your loved one. But the important thing is to always show them how much you love them. Actions will always speak louder than words, so always strive to show each other the love you have for one another.

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