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5 Amazing Gifts You Can Give To Your Child

While the world is still struggling with the pandemic, your child shouldn’t. Pamper them with gifts every once in a while, so that the pandemic doesn’t get the better of them. However, gifts don’t just mean their favorite toys or games. Remember there’s no gift that can replace your presence, attention, and emotions for them.

According to a research, 73% of parents are engaged in their phones during the time spent with their children in a restaurant and 65% of mothers reported technology intruding upon parent-child interactions during playtime with their young child.

The numbers really sadden me!

So, I thought, it’s really important to cite the following gifts that are A LOT more valuable than all the materialistic gifts there are.

1. Undivided Attention

Kids often grow-up before the time when the parents are too busy in their lives. Their actions and behavior go off-track and they feel lost in their lives. If you don’t want your child to be one of them, learn to put down your phone upside just so that your little one can say all that their heart desires.

A child needs your attention to heal and grow. Even though you have other responsibilities, you cannot sideline them. You need to be patient to listen to all their childish stories and be excited about it. That’s how your child is going to build faith in themselves and feel confident.

2. Using the Inner Pause Button

You are also a human and there can be bad days when you are already on the edge. But honestly, as a parent, you still can’t jump the gun on your little one. Be aware of yourself and your emotions but most importantly, learn to shut down at the right time.

Take a deep breath and press the inner pause button. Controlling your anger is really important for your own and your child’s growth. Children can sometimes drive you crazy but even at those moments, you must set your limits so that you do not lose your temper.

3. Acknowledging Emotions

Emotions play a major role in the development of your child. Your body is often controlled by emotions but if you learn to control them, you will know when to act. Practice the art of mindfulness and learn to not act based on the sensations of your body.

All the triggered emotions and feelings begin to dissipate as soon as you resist your urge to act on those emotions. Every time you are able to achieve this, you are actually rewiring your brain. Soon, it will start to reflect in your compassionate behavior, and trust me, there’s no better gift for your child.

4. Removing Stress

Keep all your electronics away when you are with your child. You are more likely to get triggered and take out the frustration on your child if you are trying to focus on a screen. You must be clear about the good habits that help you de-stress: regular exercise, meditation, yoga, hot baths, etc.

You can also do some fun activities together. Something like, dancing together, going on long walks, listening to a guided meditation, or anything else that keeps you and your children away from screens.

Remember, you need to be in your best shape if you want to give your child the childhood, he/she deserves. So, make sure you take good care of your personal well-being.

5. Outdoor Activities

A child needs to go out and play in the lap of nature for 360-degree development. In today’s digitally-driven world, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to promote more outdoor play. Brownie points, if you can accompany your little one for some fun outdoor games.

Regular outdoor activities make children more curious, self-directed, and focused. Skills like communication, cooperation, and organizational skills are enhanced.

Further, kids outdoor play also strengthens your relationship with your child and develops a mutual sense of respect between you and your child.

On to You…

In the end, let me conclude it with one last tip: Your little one’s childhood is never going to return, so give it all that you have. There’s no better gift than a perfect childhood with loving parents.

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