go on fleek with pearl

Go on Fleek this Winter with Pearl

Pearl or moti is a characteristic happening gemstone that is found by the profound seawater. The other-worldly appearance of this gemstone draws in each pair of eyes toward it. In addition, ladies from one side of the planet to the other charm to take on the entrancing pearl gemstone.

It is promoted that definitive forces of the moon planet live inside this piece of gemstone jewelry and hence offers powerful healing energies to the wearer. For centuries, moti has been the most sought-after gemstone worldwide. While it can naturally occur in various colors, it is most popular in pristine white/pale white shades. Aside from enhancing one’s style and personality, this gemstone benefits the wearer in a couple of other ways:

Advantages of wearing Pearl jewelry

This gem is known to be identified with the planet moon and therefore, it harnesses many attributes of The Moon. The planet moon rules our subconscious mind, dreams and emotions. It is being encouraged to sport Moti by those who are dealing with the resting issue, melancholy, mental issues, and so forth. Some other advantages are:

  1. Balancing emotions and promoting a sense of calmness to quiet the chattering mind.
  2. It guarantees the removal of fear from the mind of the wearer.
  3. It attracts magnificence and charm to one’s personality.
  4. Brings harmony in relations, especially among married couples. Therefore, it is also popular as a wedding or wedding anniversary gift.
  5. Moti should be worn by those people who are experiencing mental issues and memory loss.

How to wear Moti?

Worldwide, people, especially women love to wear pearl gemstone jewelry in the form of pearl earrings, necklaces, rings and more. To experience the benefits of this gem one can also keep it in their pocket. However, there are a few things to take care of before embracing moti, in order to get the maximum benefit from it. It is also important to ensure that you have authentic peal.

Today, it is also possible to buy gemstone online from trusted international websites such as GemPundit.com. Here is the precise guide for wearing this moon-ruled gemstone.

a. An individual ought to consistently wear a characteristic and guaranteed pearl gemstone to achieve the magnetic forces of the Moon in their lives.

b. Secondly, the ideal day to wear a moti is Monday because it is also a Moon’s day.

c. Before wearing, you must cleanse any energy residue of pearl by washing it in raw cow milk or even water will do.

d. The silver ring is the most prudent and propitious metal to take on pearl stone with. One ought to just incline toward a silver ring while at the same time wearing this stone. The pearl ought to be set in rings in such a way so it contacts the skin of a wearer to work in the existence of its wearer.

e. While wearing pearl gemstone jewelry you can also chant the accompanying mantra to pursue the benefits offered by Moon. The mantra is “Aum Som Somaye Namah Aum” or “Om Namah Shivaya”

Origin of Pearl gemstone:

Luckily, we have a wide range of the best quality pearl is accessible worldwide. Let’s see where all we can source them.

In India, moti primarily comes from south India. The pearl stone that comes from here is named “Tuti Korean”. The stone shows up totally like the social pearl stone.  Also, in South India, the other locale in India from where pearl stone is being removed is Darbhanga(Bihar). Notwithstanding, the nature of the stone is mediocre in examination with different starting points of pearl stone.

They are also sourced from Sri Lanka, Mexico and Venenzuela. In Sri Lanka, it is called “Kahil Moti”. This stone is very brilliant in shading and seems rich. Further, pearl stones that are accessible in Mexico are dim in shading and the nature of the stone is substandard in correlation with different beginnings of pearl stones. In Venezuela, it is called Basra Moti and these are widely used in making pearl necklaces due to their fine appearance and glimmer or shine.

To source the best quality of pearl gemstone, you can also check trusted online gemstone stores such as GemPundit.com. They offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from. The best part is that they also provide complete information about the pearl you wish to buy along with an authenticity certificate.

Purchase certified and natural gemstone

It is very difficult to purchase a characteristic pearl gemstone. The primary purpose for the above trouble is that the vast majority of individuals are not mindful of the grades of the pearl gemstones and their value range.

Consequently, on a large portion of the occasions, they commit errors or fall into a snare while purchasing gemstones. Nonetheless, these details will help you in acquiring the best quality gemstone or pearl earrings at appropriate costs.

We do hope this article was helpful for you.

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