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7 Easy & Green Resolutions That Put the Planet First

Our planet needs help, which is evident considering all the negative effects of climate change that we have been experiencing for quite some time. Some people find it easier to deny everything while others prefer to deal with the issues related to the environment while also trying to do something that will minimize and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Therefore, if you’re looking to do your part, here are some green resolutions that will surely contribute to our planet:

1. Assess Your Needs Carefully

Even though supporting a business through shopping is great, you should definitely take time to assess your needs so you won’t end up buying things that you don’t actually need. Every season, brands come up with collections that are very trendy and current, but unfortunately, the quality of clothes is on a very low level, which is why these items are often less durable.

So if you’re planning to buy something that is very cute and modern, then it is better to take some time to see whether these same clothes will be fashionable next season, so you won’t spend a lot.

2. Embrace a More Minimalist Lifestyle (and Wardrobe)

Right now, a lot of living species are endangered due to pollution and plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. Many people don’t know that, but fast fashion is pretty culpable for pollution, and even though some brands are trying to adopt green business policies, your spending habits can also contribute a lot to a greener and happier planet.

Instead of incessant shopping, you can actually embrace a more minimalist lifestyle and build your own capsule wardrobe, since that will greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on clothes that you will wear once or twice.

3. Become a More Ethical Shopper

Buying from local businesses and thrift stores can save you a lot of money in the long run, and if you’re looking to expand your fashion knowledge, you can always look for brands that are socially conscious and love giving back to their communities.

For example, you can head to and see that they prefer to donate to a tree-planting charity for every piece ordered, which is a wonderful practice, so if you’re looking to give back to Mother Nature, then you can shop from businesses and brands that prefer donating to green causes that can benefit the environment.

4. Make Decluttering Your Regular Habit

There is a rule that, for each item you buy, you should also throw one out of your home. That way, you can avoid unnecessary cluttering and keep your home clean.

Of course, you’re the only one who should decide what to do with all the unneeded items, but if you’re looking to become more eco-conscious, then donating to those who need it more than you, is always the right choice. Decluttering can be a quite liberating experience, so once it becomes a part of your routine, you will start feeling less anxious and happier.

5. Reuse and Recycle

A lot of brands use nefarious business practices, such as sweatshops and chemical clothing dye, and the easiest way to minimize the harmful effects of such practices is to reuse and recycle things that you already own.

Opting to recycle can contribute a lot to your budget, so before you decide to throw out your old clothes, make sure to check whether there are ways to reuse them.

The same goes for plastic items and other household objects: adopting this mindset can be great for the planet, so if you’re planning to live a greener lifestyle, then recycling is the great first step towards making it happen.

6. Find Inspiration Online

Nowadays we all live in our social media feeds where every image is retouched and made to look perfect and envy-inducing. So it is no surprise if you feel inadequate because you don’t have the latest pair of salon pumps since the whole concept of social media is conceived to make you want to spend your money.

Still, there are many social media personalities that promote minimalism and other eco-friendly lifestyle choices, therefore, in case you’re looking for inspiration, then feel free to look up to these interesting and unique people, because it is very likely that they have a lot of valuable tips and advice for you.

7. Focus on Quality over Quantity

Shopping is meant to feel good and thrilling, which is why so many people are addicted to it. However, considering that many brands use dubious business practices, sometimes it is better to be a more ethical shopper.

Focusing on quality over quantity can help you a lot, because, let’s be honest: it is much better to own only a few pairs of well-made jeans than a whole wardrobe full of trousers that you barely wear.

Many brands nowadays use quality and natural fabrics, so if you’re planning to buy only quality items, then you should definitely focus on brands that aim to produce clothes that are properly made and durable.


These suggestions can be a great way to change your shopping habits and improve your personal budget. Therefore, try to focus on ethical shopping, decluttering and recycling as that will surely help you live a clean and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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