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Remarkable Health Benefits of Marijuana

In the recent past, cannabis has received positive reviews mainly by researchers and authorized users. However, medical practitioners have also recommended it for use in specific conditions and controlled amounts. This is because cannabis has remarkable health benefits to the human body, as outlined below:

1. It can help reduce the symptoms of glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a combination of several eye conditions that cause an increase in pressure in your eyes. Excess pressure may damage the optic nerve and may eventually make you blind. Cannabis can prevent glaucoma by reducing the pressure in your eyes and slow down the effects of the disease.

2. May improve lung health.

Studies have also shown that marijuana may not necessarily harm your lungs as most people would think. That may only happen if you smoke tobacco. Cannabis can also enhance lung capacity. Researchers testing the effects of marijuana did a study on tobacco smokers and cannabis smokers. Cannabis users were also found to have a larger lung capacity than tobacco users.

3. It helps relieve nausea and chronic pain.

Medical cannabis is known to relieve pain. There are lots of evidence to support this. If you have chronic pain or nausea, you can consider looking for a local mmj that will get you the correct dosage of cannabis to help. Marijuana also calms muscle spasms and eases nausea.

4. Help reduce anxiety

Cannabis is known to relieve chemotherapy side effects by suppressing nausea and relieving pain. Marijuana also reduces anxiety and enhances the user’s mood. However, you are advised not to take it in huge doses as this would potentially increase anxiety rather than reduce it. It could also make you paranoid.

5. Cannabis eases multiple sclerosis pain.

According to research studies, marijuana may ease the effects of multiple sclerosis. Some patients who had multiple sclerosis and experiencing painful contractions were given medicine, but the disease did not respond. After they were given cannabis, they were in less pain after few days. THC in cannabis binds to receptors in your muscles and nerves which then relieves the pain.

6. Reduces inflammatory Bowel Disease

Patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis could benefit from cannabis use. Research has found out that chemicals in cannabis such as cannabidiol and THC interact with your body cells responsible for immune responses and gut function. Studies have also indicated that cannabis usage can potentially reduce Crohn’s disease when used the right way.

7. Helps with metabolism

Research shows that cannabis smokers are skinnier and have healthier metabolism. They also have a better reaction to sugars. The study was done where 4,500 adult Americans were involved.

Five hundred and seventy-eight of these people were active cannabis smokers, and 2,000 of them had once used cannabis in their life, while the others had never smoked the drug. The researchers assessed their body’s response to sugars.

Those who smoked cannabis were healthier, and their bodies had a better response to sugar.

8. Cannabis helps people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Research has shown that cannabis can reduce tremors and pain for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Cannabis usage will also improve the patient’s sleep. After using cannabis, these people had less pain and tremors.

9. Cannabis helps with PTSD

Cannabis for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is approved in some states. The components in the drug help alleviate the anxiety and fear causes in your system and the brain.

10. Anti-cancer effects

Studies have indicated that cannabis may inhibit the thriving of cancer cells in your body. However, more studies need to be done to ascertain the anti-cancer effects.

Bottom Line

Marijuana has remarkable effects when used for the right purpose and amount. This guide has the health benefits of cannabis when used the right way. Cannabis should only be used where it is legalized and with the recommendation of an authorized medical practitioner.

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