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Considering a Healthcare Career? Here’s What to Know

Figuring out the kind of career you want to have is no simple task. Perhaps you are young and trying to figure out what direction your life will go in after school. Maybe you are looking for a career switch after ten years of being in the same industry. Whatever your reason for seeking out a new direction for your life, there are many industries to consider.

One trajectory that you could look into is a healthcare career. Healthcare encompasses a broad range of job opportunities, including nurses, athletic trainers, dieticians, paramedics, physicists, pharmacists, and therapists. Additionally, this type of career has longevity because people will always have healthcare needs, so there will always be demand for healthcare professionals. Whether you are considering gastroenterology positions or something else, your career will always be relevant.

Entering the healthcare industry requires a lot of work. For many professions, you have to go through years of schooling to enter the field, while others are a bit more accessible. If you are considering a healthcare career, here are a few things you need to know.

Personality Fit

Many healthcare professions are not for the faint of heart, especially those that directly interact with patients. Specific personalities are better suited for certain roles like nurses or physicians. While the transition to a nursing career can have many benefits, it can also be very difficult. Being able to interact well with people and provide a comforting presence are often necessary traits for people in patient-facing healthcare positions. You also need to be very detail-oriented, as learning the health histories of patients is a crucial aspect of providing excellent services.

Job Security

One of the main benefits of a career in the healthcare space is that there is a lot of job security for most roles. Healthcare is an industry that will always have high demand, as people will never stop caring about their wellness goals. Whether you are an athletic trainer that helps people achieve fitness milestones or a radiologist using medical imaging to diagnose patients, your services will be needed for decades to come. A switch to this type of job often results in a lifelong career where you feel secure knowing that you can likely find job openings wherever you live.

High Barriers to Entry

Since taking care of people’s bodies requires a high degree of knowledge, there are often very high barriers to entry for those starting out in the industry. Some roles require many years of education, more than a four-year degree can cover. Others may involve the need to become certified in specific healthcare related services. For example, many healthcare employers require job candidates to complete BLS certifications before they are qualified for a specific position. While online certifications can be found on platforms like Protrainings, it is still an additional step that must be taken before you find employment.

Personally Rewarding

One of the main reasons that people enter into healthcare careers is because of the difference they can make in the lives of others. Healthcare can be a very rewarding career choice because you have the opportunity to help others every day. In some cases, you may even be saving lives. At the very least, you are having an impact on their wellness that improves their quality of life. This can be a truly rewarding experience that gives you a higher purpose, making the choice to pursue this type of career worth the trouble.

Higher Stakes

While a healthcare career can be more personally rewarding than many other roles, it also can come with a lot of pressure. Most jobs in this industry involve people putting their health or even their lives in your hands, depending on your skills and knowledge to help them. Even the best healthcare professionals can make mistakes, and these mistakes can be costly when it comes to taking care of patients. Accepting the higher stakes that come with many healthcare roles is part of the job, so you must have a certain level of mental strength and fortitude to handle the extra stress involved.

Healthcare is an Honorable Profession

There are both benefits and challenges that come with a career in the healthcare industry. While it may be more challenging to get started and there can be extra stress when taking care of others, the personal reward and job security often outweigh the negatives. This is why it takes certain personalities to thrive as healthcare professionals.

This is an honorable career to pursue, whether you are just out of school or are a twenty-year veteran of a completely different industry. Just make sure that you do plenty of research beforehand so you have as much information as possible before making such an important decision.

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