how advanced tech is transforming poker

How Advanced Tech Is Transforming Poker

There’s no denying the impact that technology has had on so many areas of human existence, from global industries right the way through to our daily habits.

Technology has transformed everything from how we communicate to the way that we enjoy our leisure time, so it’s no wonder it has brought about a new era of gaming along with it.

One of the core gaming sectors that has undergone significant change thanks to the emergence and integration of technology is iGaming, particularly the poker vertical.

In less than two decades, poker has gone from being an old school card game to being an engaging digital empire that even offers up exciting and lucrative career paths.

Creating Immersive Gaming Experiences

When you factor in those poker-themed video games from last century’s console era, digital poker has been around for some time – in one form or another. However, modern players require something a bit more substantial than a simple poker simulation.

That’s why gaming operators and developers have pushed the boat out in recent years to deliver immersive and engaging gaming experiences that truly harness the potential of advanced technologies. Today’s gamers, who are used to streaming high-def content via platforms like Netflix, Steam or HBO Max, demand high-quality poker gaming experiences. Operators, then, have found ways to offer live gaming action on their digital platforms.

There’s also a huge choice of different ways to play and experience poker online here in 2022. Players with the appropriate hardware can access VR poker games, in which they can compete in play money tournaments set in fantastical worlds and environments. The advent and global rollout of 5G, meanwhile, means that mobile poker gaming will quickly be able to deliver to the micro screen the same quality of gaming as on a desktop.

Poker As a Career

Connected technologies have effectively removed many of the barriers that could otherwise prevent players from engaging in the process of learning and playing poker. Poker neophytes no longer need to travel to a casino to learn the game in person thanks to online resources like PokerNews, which make the game accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

That accessibility also makes online poker more appealing to players in minority groups or marginalised demographics, who may not feel comfortable playing the game in its traditional setting.

All of this has combined to produce realistic career paths for talented players to progress to professional ranks. As demonstrated by Chris Moneymaker back in 2003, showing skill in an online tournament can lead to invitations to prestigious tournaments like the World Series of Poker.

Future-Proofing Online Poker

It’s not just the gaming experience of poker or its widespread accessibility that has been brought about by advanced tech. New innovations are future-proofing the genre for the decades to come. More and more operators and software developers – and even poker players themselves – are embracing emerging technologies.

Artificial Intelligence, for example, is gaining traction in the sector as companies and gaming providers realise the benefits of its numerous applications. Meanwhile, individual players are now able to access increasingly powerful performance analysis software, which they can use to improve gameplay strategies and identify the most profitable opportunities in-game.

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