how natural waterproof mascara enhances your eyelash beauty

How Natural Waterproof Mascara Enhances Your Eyelash Beauty

Nowadays, a wide range of waterproof mascaras are available in the market. These mascaras have ranged from low to high, but a high price tag does not mean that the quality will be excellent. If you want the best natural waterproof mascara, then you might have significantly fewer options available. But you can find great natural and organic waterproof mascaras at affordable prices at Herbiar.

The natural and organic waterproof mascaras are different from simple waterproof mascaras. The natural mascara contains the ingredients that are good for your eye and eyelashes, while simple waterproof mascara may contain chemical ingredients.

How it enhances beauty?

1. The waterproof mascara has the ability to dry and set quickly, which saves your time in your busy schedule.
2. It does not flake in hot and humid areas.
3. The color pigment does not spread or smudge.
4. The waterproof mascara contains natural ingredients which provide essential nutrients to your eyelashes.
5. It protects and safe your eyelashes from any damage.
6. It hydrates the eyelashes and prevents them from breakage.
7. It properly curls your eyelashes and maintains them throughout the whole day.
8. It makes your eyelashes look dark, long, prominent, and bright
9. It is the best fit in the rainy season and swimming time.
10. It maintains your eyelashes shape for a long time so that you didn’t worry about redoing it.

How to make your mascara look natural on your eyelashes?

Today, natural makeup products and waterproof mascara are the demand for most girls. You can achieve natural mascara look by some simple tips and tricks.

1. Choose a darker shade of mascara, or choose a mascara that is similar to your hair color.
2. Avoid using any primers after mascara application.
3. Do not use any out-of-date or expired mascara.
4. Always choose no-fiber mascara to achieve a natural look.
5. Apply only 1-2 coats of mascara on your eyelashes so that it does not create clumps on your eyelashes.
6. After applying the mascara, ensure that you coated the lashes entirely.

Why choose waterproof mascara over regular mascara?

Choosing natural waterproof mascara over regular mascara is always a good option because waterproof mascara stays as it is for a long time without smear or smudge. It does not smear in the rain and destroys your makeup.

Waterproof mascara perfectly curls and lift your eyelashes, and it is stickier. It requires time to dry, but once it dries, it maintains your eyelashes until you don’t remove it. Meanwhile, regular mascara may contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to eyelashes. It fades after some time and does not bear rain.

Can mascara increase the volume of your eyelashes?

Taking care of your eyelashes is an essential part before applying any eye product. You can achieve thick, dark, long, and prominent eyelashes by using a good product. Many brands are offering waterproof mascaras that can naturally increase your eyelash volume. One of the brands is

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