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How To Safely Use A Can Machine

An aluminum can sealing machine makes it easier to package cans and save money on production costs. This specialized equipment helps businesses make more money. When you purchase One, it is no doubt that you should know how you can use it. This article will give important details on using the Can machine.

Setting The Can Machine

When ordering a can sealer, you never have to assemble the machine yourself. Representatives from the company that makes the can sealer will help with technical questions. A thorough awareness of these techniques will aid you in using your can sealer, even if it’s unnecessary to delve into the specifics.

Before using the can machinery, you should ensure it is in good shape. Working with machinery that isn’t set up right or has a mechanical problem is one of the most common ways machine operators get hurt on the job. Moreover, it is important that engineers or safety officers with years of experience put the can sealer together by hand, ensuring that the right parts go in the right places. Once the can sealer is put together, the representative will look at it carefully. The following should be taken care of:

  • All the parts work well;
  • Electrical components are linked up right;
  • Toolings are set up correctly;
  • The wiring is not loose and looks good;
  • Motors don’t get too hot and don’t make too much noise.

After the inspection, the engineers will test a few of your sample cans to ensure that the process will lead to the final product you want.

There are processes that you should work with a representative from the manufacturer to help your can sealer set up properly. Allow them to describe the various components of the can-sealing machine. Don’t be afraid to ask them things to ensure how to maneuver the machine better when you are the one to use it.

When Using The Can Machine

Here are the following tips when starting the can machine:

  • Change the machine settings so it can seal the cans you want to use. There are different sizes of cans. You can raise or lower the can pedestal with the dial on the bottom. Some can sealer machines don’t have dials; instead, they use an arm that goes up and down.
  • Fill the can or your newly purchased glass bottles for spices until there is only 1/4 inch left. Most of the time, can sealers are used for dry goods like beans, flour, rice, and other base excesses. You can seal wet foods; just follow the instructions in the canning guide that came with the machine.
  • Put a packet that soaks up liquid on top of your dry goods. For most dry goods to stay fresh, you must use an oxygen-absorbing packet.
  • Put the can’s lid on the top. Ensure the lid is on correctly; the ridges should be facing up. Put the can on the pedestal for cans. Press the lower button on your machine to raise the can pedestal or lift the disk. Press the lever down and to the left to lock it into place.
  • To start the sealing process, push the sealing handle away from you. Put more pressure on the arm that seals for about five seconds. Do the action again while pulling the sealing handle toward you. It is the end of the seam or sealing process for the can.

How To Use The Semi-Automatic Sealer

When you purchase a semi-automatic can sealer, there are specific ways to help you operate it properly.

Adjust The Machine’s Components

You’ll need to adjust the machine’s parts to be proportional to your can’s dimensions if you want a good seal. Depending on the machine you’re utilizing, you can raise or lower the can pedestal using an adjustment dial or a lifting arm.

Fill The Containers

Start by filling your containers, but stop short of the top of each can by about a quarter of an inch. Check the machine’s instructions to ensure it can seal the product you’re using because certain can sealers are designed only for dry goods and not for wet foods.

Place The Oxygen-Absorbent

Before closing the can, you can place an oxygen-absorbent package on top of the dry items to prevent the excess oxygen from deteriorating the contents.

Place The Lid

Put the lid on the full can and ensure it’s facing the right way (the ridges must be facing upwards).

Place The Cap

Place the capped can on the can pedestal of the machine and press the bottom level. It increases the pedestal of the can.

Lock The Machine

To lock the machine, depress the lever and move it to the left.

Do The Sealing

To initiate the sealing procedure, advance the sealing handle. Continue increasing the arm’s pressure for approximately 5 seconds, pull l the sealing handle toward you, and repeat the previous steps. The procedure is complete.

How To Use The Fully Automatic Sealer

When you use fully automatic can seaming machines, you should know that they are usually part of a production line so that the packaging process can go on all the time. So, the operator needs to turn on the machine using its control panel and feed it a lot of lids. The machine will do the rest.


Even if you want to start your first day on the factory floor looking like you’ve been seaming cans of green beans or spaghetti sauce for years, it’s important to learn how the machines work before using them! Before you use the device for the first time, read all the instructions carefully and ask your trainer any questions you may have. It’s always better to ask first than to break something by accident.

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