how to choose a gaming laptop

How To Choose A Gaming Laptop

Most modern gamers are gradually starting to prefer a laptop to a desktop PC.

There are several reasons for this:

1. The laptop takes up much less space.

2. You can always take it with you – the weight of many game models does not exceed 4 kg. The weight is not small, but every year manufacturers make their models lighter. You can already find a full-fledged gaming laptop weighing up to 2 kg.

3. Runs all modern games, but often you need a cooling pad, which also does not take up much space and is cheap.

If you are a fan of online games like Destiny 2, then you can play absolutely anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection.

There are moments when you need to leave, or there is not enough time, and the temporary seasonal event ends, which you need to farm and get the legendary weapon.

In this case, there are two ways to do it – buy a gaming laptop and be able to play whenever and wherever time permits, or order Destiny 2 trials of osiris boost from professional players who are guaranteed to perform a service, the status of which can be tracked on a special website.

Criteria for choosing a gaming laptop

• Video card
• Screen
• Cooling
• Autonomy


Processors for laptops are divided into two types – with reduced power to reduce overheating and full-fledged ones, similar to models for stationary PCs.

Fortunately, stripped-down versions are already leaving the gaming laptop industry, but you should choose a processor no lower than the 5th series and preferably the latest generation.

Ideal would be i7 for Intel, or 7 series for Ryzen. Their power is enough for most games while maintaining good heat dissipation.

and 9 and 9 series will cost more, but will also have higher power. Not all gamers need the processing power that is built into them, and i7 will be relevant for a few more years, like i5 used to be.

I3 and 3 series are not considered at all, since only office equipment is already equipped with such processors. There is no question of any comparable performance there.

Video card

It is important to choose a laptop by processor and video card. The video card in some models is installed with the old 1000 series, which, although not bad, is not considered a flagship one, and it’s not very successful to play modern games at ultra settings.

The ideal option is a 3000 series video card, preferably with a TI prefix, since it supports such amenities as ray tracing and other little things that significantly improve the overall visual picture.


Affects the speed of the system and the overall ease in games, depends on the connection with the processor.

The minimum RAM for comfortable operation of the system and games is 8 GB. Better 16, or 32, so that there is a margin.

4 GB – we do not consider it in principle – it is categorically not enough for serious games.

The standard for choosing DDR 4 and DDR5 is ideal – 4 DDR 5 strips divided among themselves, for example, 8 GB each. So in total you get 32 GB of RAM and improved speed due to interaction with each other. Two sticks of 16 GB will be worse than 4 of 8 GB.


Gaming laptops are often equipped with an IPS matrix – such screens are cheaper and have good color reproduction.

For games, a 120-144Hz screen should be considered, which will ensure the smoothness of all animations and movements on the screen.

The extension should be considered 2k, or full HD – 1920×1080.


A key parameter for any gaming laptop. Due to the large limitations of the compact case to properly remove heat and the manufacturers’ unwillingness to install full-fledged cooling, you can buy a device that will get very hot and suffer from severe FPS subsidence, as a system protection from overheating and destruction of parts.

Models come with fan, or cooler blowing, and water.

Of course, water cooling is better and more correct for such compact devices, but the price for the technology is much higher. The system has two reservoirs, which transfer heat from one part to another when heated, and puts a new one in its place.

Cooler cooling can also cope, but, firstly, it creates much more noise and often you need to buy a stand with additional cooling to solve the situation.

Autonomy and charging speed

Autonomy, that is, the rate of battery discharge under load, is an important parameter for a portable device.

The longer the laptop is able to work at full capacity without recharging, the higher its cost, but there is another important parameter – charging speed.

If a laptop runs out of juice in 3 hours and charges in 1 hour, then it’s a good laptop – but don’t play or load it while it’s charging – it will wear out the battery.

Some manufacturers introduce battery-bypassing power technology – that is, when working from the mains, you get full power without the need for recharging and thus do not wear out the battery.

The advantage of many gaming laptops is the support for Power Delivery technology – the ability to recharge from a power bank.

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