How to Find Someone’s Phone Number Using White Hat Practices

how to find someone's phone number
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So, you need to find someone’s phone number? Whether you have a number but need a name or you have a name but you need a number, you can do it in these simple ways:

1. Search On Facebook

Did you know that you can use Facebook to find phone numbers you need?

Well, you can – and it’s really simple.

For one, if you only have a phone number you want to look up, you can type in a phone number in the Facebook search bar and you can find a profile of the person who owns that phone number. If the owner of the phone number has an account, the profile will appear. It will also show you all of the posts where the phone number was shared.

Keep in mind that many people have changed their security settings to disable people from finding them that way, through the phone number or they refuse to connect their account to a phone number.

Some people don’t connect their account to their profile because they don’t know how but some want to keep that piece of information private.

With so many people changing their phone number frequently, you may not get the most accurate data either and the person may not be using that phone number anymore. A good thing to know is that when a person deactivated their phone number, 90 days have to pass before another person can get it.

Many companies are using the phone numbers as soon as 90 days limit expires.

On the other hand, if you want to find a phone number but you just have a name, you can do the same. Just type in the name of the person in the Facebook search bar and click on the profile of the person you are looking for. Some people share their number on their profiles, so you may be able to get it that way.

Keep in mind that some people may not have a Facebook profile and that some people don’t share their phone number for privacy reasons.

I tried this method and I was successful in finding the phone number of several people. Some I was unlucky with because they didn’t assign a phone number to their account.

2. Use Reverse Phone Search

This one is probably a bit more complicated as you will be dealing with an unfamiliar website. There are many of these phone search websites, like National Cellular Directory which is probably the most popular one.

This one specializes in searching for people and their phone numbers. They also offer complete confidentiality when it comes to searching for a phone number and it can be even more convenient than searching on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Reverse phone search is a great way to find out who is calling you. You can also find someone’s phone number by their name.

When you have a number but not a name, you only have to enter the phone number and then the name of the person will appear. National Cellular Directory is a database that has billions of records and all of them can be scanned within moments. This means that you will get your result pretty quickly.

If the information on the phone number owner exists, it will show up in the search results.

You can also enter the name of the person whose phone number you need and look them up. The search results will show you a number and all of the additional data. Keep in mind that it may show several numbers as there are many people with the same names.

3. Google a Number

Google had a phonebook service once before but people started asking for their phone number to be removed for privacy reasons. Google then took the service down and now the search engine isn’t the best way to look up someone’s phone number.

Google does have a lot of information that you may find useful in your search but the chances of finding a phone number are quite low. The information you get may not be so reliable or up to date either. However, it’s worth a try in case you do find something useful.

4. Use Zabasearch

Another tool I used and found really useful is Zabasearch. It’s a directory that’s kind of controversial but still very legal in what it does. It simply collects all of the information that people put online at any point.

So, if you need information, Zabasearch is going to have it.

It’s perfect for looking up phone numbers in my experience. It collects information from all over the web and stores it in one convenient place.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use the search for a number option since when you just type the phone number, it asks for payment before it can give you information. If you don’t want to spend any money on this, it’s best to stay away from this, as I’ve learned.

However, you can look up a name – it’s actually perfect for this – and it will give you plenty of information there, if the person has shared some of it on the web.

5. LinkedIn Lookup

Linkedin is another social media platform which can serve the purpose of finding a phone number perfectly. In fact, it may be even better than Facebook search as it may contain more information than Facebook.

LinkedIn is a business social media platform. People and companies share their information there for the purpose of finding a job or hiring someone, or connecting in any other professional way.

So, many people share their phone number on their profile so that companies can reach them easily. For example, a person you are looking for can share their phone number in hopes that a company will see their profile and call them with a job offer.

All you have to do is search for their name in the LinkedIn search bar and look through their profile to find a phone number. If there is no phone number, look for their website address as they may have that and they may have shared their phone number on their website.

So, LinkedIn can be very useful as a phone number search tool which is completely legal and appropriate.

6. Search By Their Username

Many people have the same username across multiple websites, even games or phone apps. This is very simple for them to remember and very convenient for you when you want to look up someone’s phone number.

A username is an individual identification code or a name that people use to access computers, networks or websites. Finding someone’s phone number this way may not always work but it’s definitely a good starting point if all other methods have failed. Many websites and apps nowadays require people to add their phone number to the username so you can be successful.

Type in the username that you have into your favorite search engine. You may want to try Google first as it’s the most used one, but trying others can also be beneficial. Then you just wait for the results to appear.

If the person has assigned a phone number to the username, their name or account will appear and you will be able to find their phone number.

In my experience, many people attach their phone number to their Instagram account username so this may work well for you if you have someone’s Instagram username. Forum or game usernames have worked less well for me, probably because most games and forums don’t ask for phone numbers.

7. Use Other Search Engines

Your mind probably goes straight to Google when you think about search engines but there are many more search engines on the web that may prove more useful to you. There is a wide variety of these search engines on the web and each engine will give you different results.

General search engines like Google and Bing may prove useful in most cases, but there are more specific, niche search engines that can give you more useful information. These search engines have a specific search purpose, and they are usually not for general information but rather targeted to the single topic.

People search engines are what I have in mind here. These can be especially useful when you need to find people information, whether for personal or business purposes. The information you can get includes phone numbers.

All you need to do here is to find the best people search engine – try Pipl, it has worked great for me in the past – and just type in the person’s name. You should definitely use quotation marks around that name, as I have learned, as it makes the search more focused.

You can also type in the phone number if that’s what you have and find all information related to that phone number.

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