how to find your angel number

How to Find Your Angel Number: All You Need to Know

The veil between the spiritual world and our physical world is thin, so from time to time, you can expect the universe to start throwing signs at you as a call to action. It may be to reassure you that you’re on the right path or warn you of future perils.

However, the universe communicates with people in mysterious and unexplained ways. One of the psychic mediums it takes is numbers. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find your angel number.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel Number

Angel numbers and their meanings work within the principles of numerology. They can be identified by the sequences or repetition of certain digits, such as 111 or 444. These are examples of what’s commonly interpreted as an angel number.

Angel numbers have a deeper meaning than what they numerically represent. Numbers are often only understood as a set of characters used to denote quantity, but angel numbers are different. Angel number sequences are said to be connected to specific vibrational frequencies that hold special meaning.

What Are Angel Number Signs?


Angelic or spiritual guides don’t follow the same rules or lenses as humans do. They have their own way of presenting themselves, and it’s up to you to be able to interpret them. Every angel number sign is practically a divine message that’s going to be significant to you in the future.

Angel numbers show up in all kinds of ways. You may get regular phone calls from a number with triple 5 or triple 7, although that’s a very obvious sign. They may even show up with subtlety, for instance on your grocery bill.

How To Find Your Angel Number


How do you pick up on these signs from the universe? Learning how to identify or interpret angel number signs is all about paying attention to your surroundings, your present, and trying to be more perceptive.

They’re not always going to show up on your clock or your phone. They could be at the bottom of a newspaper, on the speedometer of the car you’re in, or even on a scratch guard. Keeping your eyes and ears peeled is the only way.

How To Calculate Your Angel Number


Everyone has an angelic number that corresponds with their date of birth. Calculating your angelic number is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

#1. Express your date of birth in a number sequence. For example, if your date of birth is November 4, 1998, then your sequence is 04111998.

#2. Add up the numbers from your sequence. In the case of the above example, the angelic number is 33.

#3. Use a chart to look up your number and think about the meaning it carries.

Examples Of Angel Number and Their Meanings


Here are a few examples of angel numbers and what they might suggest:


If you’re young and aspiring to make a name for yourself or fulfill challenging goals, this is the best number you can receive. It has a very powerful energy signature. The angel number 111 has been taken to mean that you are now ready to seize the next greatest moment of your life. Now is a ripe time for taking risks, pushing yourself, and moving forward in all your passions.


If you’re ever feeling low, 444 is a friendly reminder from the angels that you’re being watched and supported. It’s their favorite number so they only send it to you when they want you to know that, at your highest or lowest, you will never be abandoned.


The 777 angel sequence is about spirituality. It means that you are about to experience some kind of spiritual transformation. You need to start focusing on healing the wounds on your soul and start undertaking some spiritual practices to help you regain balance in life.


What Does Seeing an Angel Mean?

The definition of an angel number is that it’s a message from the celestial bodies and beings of the universe. Whether you see them in your dreams, hear them on the radio, or find them on the universal product code of the milk you just bought, they all signify the same thing.

And that is, you’re being watched over by a higher power, and that power is trying to communicate with you to bring changes in your life.

Are Angel Numbers from God?

Why not? God is a tricky entity to define, but the one description that resonates with people of all faiths is that God is the creator of the universe and the higher power in everyone’s life.

Angel numbers pass through to the physical realm from the metaphysical realm to manifest as intelligible messages. There’s no reason not to think it’s a direct message from God because it very well could be.

Are Angel Numbers Real?

People have been receiving angel numbers for centuries. It’s a concept that has emerged from a tenacious litany of shared experiences, so discounting angel numbers is probably a bad idea.

So far, the evidence has been in the anecdotes. But countless mathematicians and numerologists have dedicated their lives to studying these numbers and how they impact our lives. And they have, upon numerous occasions, witnessed resonance between numbers and people on a level that goes beyond simply understanding it as a quantity.

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