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How to Get Thick Quickly: A Simple Guide to a Curvier Contour

In this era of Instagram and Tik-Tok videos of thick, curvaceous women flaunting what their mamas gave them, it’s very easy to feel like you are the odd one out. This is why so many women are always looking for advice on how to get thick quickly.

If your skinny outline is preventing you from creating content for your IG and Tik-Tok accounts, here is a simple guide to help you get a curvier silhouette quickly.

Can I Get Thick Fast?


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First of all, it’s important to mention that not all thick women look healthy or attractive. So, you need to differentiate between being attractively curvaceous and being fat. As you strive to be thick, you need to define the kind of thickness you desire and why you need it.

The best kind of curvy and thick body shape is the one described as an hourglass figure. This body type features an affluent upper body, a flat tummy, wide hips, a rounded bum, and thick thighs. Most women have naturally thick silhouettes, while others fill their dresses perfectly by maintaining a healthy diet and a well-organized workout routine.

However, there’s no instant way of gaining a thicker silhouette. It takes some time and a disciplined routine to achieve this body shape. But there are simple steps you can take to speed up the process. These tricks will be discussed a bit later in this article. First, it’s important to know why some women would like to be thick.

Why Should You Become Thick?


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For many centuries, women, especially in Western countries, have strived to maintain a slim body shape. But today, every woman on social media seems to be celebrating thickness. This is evidenced by the high number of women going for plastic surgeries to enhance their breasts and buttocks.

Some fashion brands are also designing fake buttocks that women can wear under their clothes to make their behinds look larger and curvier. Even some renowned female celebrities have openly admitted to being obsessed with thickness. For instance, Nicki Minaj, a celebrated American female rapper, admits that she is passionate about thick and curvy women. Here are some of the reasons why many women would like to be thick.

  • Leave the Heads Turning


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Despite all the clamor around thinness, it’s not a secret that most guys love women with curves. Big hips, thick thighs, and rounded buttocks can be quite addictive. So, if your man loves it big and curvy, you should find ways to get thick as soon as possible. Your curves will become his reward-stimulating drug.

A study conducted by students at Georgia Gwinnett College in 2010 revealed that when a man stares at a curvy woman she triggers the part of his brain that handles positive rewards. This part of the brain also reacts to stimulating drugs and alcohol. So, if you would like to be sexually attractive to men, you need to get a thicker silhouette.

  • Looking Amazing in Your Pencil Dresses


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The shape of your body determines the type of dresses you can wear. So, if you would like to flaunt your body in a pencil dress, you need to have a flowing, feminine silhouette. When you have well-defined curves, you’ll look great in your form-fitting clothes and figure-hugging dresses. You can’t wear these clothes when you are all thin and flat.

  • Strong and Smart


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Women who let their bodies settle into their natural shapes are healthier and stronger than those who are always chasing the fictitious skeletal ideal created by the media.

A curvy woman who works out regularly is stronger than her skinny counterpart in various ways.

A woman with a fuller and voluptuous body tends to live longer than a skinny one. A plump hourglass silhouette is also associated with superior maternal health and a higher IQ.

  • Stay Young


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It has been proven that a bit of body fat makes your skin appear younger, fuller, and wrinkle-free. For instance, it will give you a healthy, rosy-cheeked appearance that is often associated with women in their twenties. You can only get this look if you have deposits of subcutaneous fat in your body to keep your skin looking smooth and plump.

A curvy woman is also considered to be softer, smoother, and more feminine because of her extra body fat. So, while the extra fat may not stop your biological clock, it will make you look younger.

8 Ways to Become Thick

1. Put on Healthy Weight


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You can quickly put on a few extra pounds by eating healthy meals. Just add a few more calories to your food. The extra amount of fat will give you a thicker and curvier figure. But this doesn’t mean eating junk foods, sweets, and other unhealthy foods.

These foods will make you fat, not curvy. So, if you want to add healthy body weight, you should eat more proteins to build your muscles. Your meals should therefore comprise protein-rich foods like eggs, peanuts, yogurts, salmon, milk, tuna, turkey, chicken, and so on.

2. Spacing Your Calorie Intake


You can accurately distribute your calorie intake by eating more frequently. For instance, you can space out your meals by four hours so that your stomach can always feel satiated. But don’t overeat or increase your consumption of junk and other unhealthy foods.

3. Exercising


Since you want to become thick, you shouldn’t engage purely in exercises that will only help you to burn fat. Instead, you should engage in strength and muscle-building exercises like lifting weights. These exercises will give you an asymmetrical body shape. You should engage in muscle-building workouts at least twice a week.

4. Target Your Core


Even as you build muscles, you need to perform exercises that target your core because it comprises the muscle groups on your hips, torso, and shoulders. These exercises will not only strengthen your core, but they will improve your balance and help you get rid of belly fat. Remember that a flat tummy is an essential part of a thick and curvy figure. Some of the best exercises to target your core include high-intensity interval training, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, yoga, planks, etc.

5. Target Your Glutes


Your glutes are under constant pressure because you use them to do a lot of things, including walking. They’re also the largest group of muscles in your body. Since these muscles are located in your buttocks, they can help to improve your body shape by working them out regularly. The best exercises to target your glutes are squats, bridging, weight training, and lunges.

6. Workout Less


The best solution to gaining extra body weight is to be less active. So, if you have always maintained a vigorous workout routine and you want to gain weight fast, you should work out less. This will allow your body to store more energy as fat, giving you a thicker look.

But this doesn’t mean not working out at all. Remember that you need to gain a healthy weight, not become fat. So, if you’ve been working out six days a week, you should reduce it to three days a week. You can also reduce the amount of time you work out by performing shorter high intensity exercises.

7. Sleep More


The easiest and fastest way to gain weight is to use less energy. Therefore, the more sleep you enjoy, the less energy you spend. The unused energy will be stored in your body as fat, giving you a thicker and curvier outline.

8. Exercise Before Meals


Most people work out after their meals because they want to maintain a slim silhouette. But if you want to look thicker, you need to work out before your meals. This makes you feel hungrier and helps to restore and store the calories you burn from your workout.

How to Maintain Body Thickness


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Getting the perfect amount of thickness is the easy part, but maintaining is a real challenge. Most women find themselves either adding excess body weight or going back to their slim silhouettes. So, even as you try to figure out how to become thick quickly, you also need to think about maintaining your thickness. Here are some important tips to help you stay thick.

  • Eat the Right Portion Sizes

It’s very easy to overeat when you are trying to add extra weight or maintain your thickness, especially if you live an active lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to figure out the right portion size and stick to it. Please understand that portion size is different from serving size. So, make sure you understand the difference between the two sizes so that you can choose the right one for your thickness.

  • Eat the Right Foods

Perhaps you already know that foods with more calories and sugar will increase your body weight. So, once you get the right amount of thickness, maintain the right amount of calories and ensure that your meals are well balanced. Avoid junk foods and other unhealthy eating habits to avoid gaining too much weight.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drink enough water every day because water will help you to maintain your ideal body weight. Studies have also revealed that drinking enough water daily can help to reduce your waistline and maintain the right body fat percentage.

  • Monitor Your Diet

Many people don’t know how many calories their daily meals contain. That’s why they are always struggling to maintain their desired body shape and weight. You need to monitor your diet and be aware of the number of calories you consume daily. That way, you won’t have a problem maintaining your thickness.

  • Do the Right Exercises

Understand that each exercise you perform has its intended purpose. For instance, there are specific exercises that are designed to help you lose excess weight and others meant to build muscles. So, it’s good to talk to your fitness trainer about your intention to maintain your thickness so that they can choose the right exercises for you.

  • Get Enough Sleep

The National Institutes of Health claims that lack of enough sleep leads to overeating which results in excess weight gain. So, you need to get enough sleep every night so that your body can reset its systems and prepare them for the day ahead.

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