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Let It All Out: How to Make Yourself Cry

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself cry? If you’re anything like me, then you probably need a few days each month to cry your heart out. However, sometimes — the tears are just not there!

Crying is, for most people, a self-soothing technique, and it comes in handy when we break up with someone, lose a loved one, etc. Nevertheless, I also like crying because it’s a huge relief that sort of resets me to my factory settings.

Over the years, I’ve cried a lot for various reasons without anyone’s help — apart from a few trashy boyfriends. Today, though, I’m here to help you figure out how to make yourself cry and resolve some of the emotional issues you might be going through. Let’s go!

My Top 7 Tips on How to Make Yourself Cry

#1. If crying is not your thing, but you need some relief — cut up some onions!

OK, so one of my best friends is a firm believer in inducing tears if they aren’t coming naturally. Usually, she does this twice a month because she’s not that emotional but still needs a decent outlet.

She figured out that she didn’t have time to watch a sad movie when she wanted to cry. So, instead, she cuts up onions.

The best thing about this method is that, of course, once you’re done crying, you can use the onions to make a nice dinner for yourself. However, a word of warning — your eyes might sting!

Have I tried this method? I have, actually, a few times, and it worked fine. The problem is that it made my eyes red, and for some reason, I was rather sensitive to onions.

My eyes were in pain by the end of it, so please, use this method as a last resort if you still haven’t found out how to make yourself cry naturally.

#2. Think of a somber story

Now, we all know that men don’t cry that often. At best, most of us have seen them cry once or twice in our lives. But, my partner is a bit different in that regard.

Years and years of being taught how a man should act have made him a bit rough around the edges. Still, he is in touch with his emotional side, so whenever he feels as if he needs to let it all out, he thinks of a really sad story.

Most of the time, the story in question is Bambi, as he’s pretty attached to his mom, and they don’t live together anymore. To be perfectly honest, Bambi even makes me cry, even though my mom is nothing like Bambi’s mom.

Now, you might be wondering if you could use a real story — something from your life. Of course! If you want to learn how to make yourself cry, you have to dig deep into your emotions and your memories.

We all have some things that made us cry before, or were quite sad, to begin with. For example, when my grandpa died, I didn’t cry at his funeral. I waited until I got home to process everything and think about him and the way he died so that I could let it ALL out.

#3. Put on an extremely sad movie

If this were an article about sad movies that can make you cry, we’d be here forever! Fortunately, it isn’t, so I will give you only a few suggestions that will definitely turn on the waterworks.

Let’s start with my personal favorite — Me Before You. I don’t know what’s the deal with this movie because I cannot relate to any of the characters. But, to this day, nothing has made me cry harder than Emilia Clarke’s grief and Sam Claflin’s death (spoiler!).

I believe the thing that made me cry the most was the idea that the main character dies. To someone who’s always loved chick flicks and romance movies in general, this is rather shocking. That’s why P.S. I Love You also makes me weep.

Still, if you’d like to avoid romance movies, I suggest films that have animals in the starring roles. For example, A Dog’s Purpose did a number on me. Not only was I crying for hours after the movie ended, but my dogs had to endure excessive hugging for weeks to come.

Finally, if you are attached to your parents but would like to avoid extreme tragedies, About Time is yet another movie that will make you shed some tears.

In essence, this movie shouldn’t be so sad, as it’s one of the best feel-good films out there. However, the relationship between the main character and his father is beautiful, profound, and so moving. When it comes to a natural end — well, just remember to have a big box of tissues next to you.

#4. Invest yourself in TV shows

The thing about TV shows is that you always have to wait for the next season. Most recently, I saw season three of Stranger Things, and right now, that’s the series that can make me cry in 3, 2, 1…

If you haven’t seen it already, I won’t spoil it for you. Just remember that it’s not over until it’s over for good. The final episode will crush you, though, especially if you often find yourself loving fictional characters more than real people.

On another note, Jane the Virgin is another weepy TV show I can always turn to. It just ended, which means you have five seasons of crying waiting for you! Seriously — I think I cried through 98% of the episodes.

#5. Tap into your imagination

Now, when I don’t have much time but would like to let my feelings out a bit, I usually think of a scenario in my head.

In contrast to a real story, I tap into my imagination here and create a dialogue or a scene I can cry to. Usually, it’s something that eerily reminds me of the problems I’m going through right now.

Basically, what you want to do is think of a story or something you’d like to say to another person — and then act it out. Give your best Meryl Streep performance, put in the effort — the tears will follow.

When I was in a rather bad relationship a few years ago, I often used this technique to self-soothe. There were some things I couldn’t tell my boyfriend out of fear that we’d break up. So, instead, I imagined scenarios in which I was strong enough to fight for myself.

Needless to say, this helped me cope rather well. And, in the end, it allowed me to become more in tune with my feelings.

#6. Read sad stories and try to empathize with the characters

I’m going to suggest Me Before You here as well, as the book by Jojo Moyes broke my heart completely. I remember sobbing for hours after finishing it — it was rather unfortunate, to be honest.

But, it helped me let out my feelings a bit and remind myself of how fortunate I was. So, if you want to know how to make yourself cry, don’t stay away from sad stories. Use them to your advantage.

Another book, or rather series I’d recommend is, of course, Harry Potter. To this day, Snape’s death haunts me and immediately brings tears to my face. The way the story ends, the way Alan Rickman later acted it out on the big screen — it can easily make even the most serious person all mushy.

#7. Play the saddest ballads you can find and feel each note consume you

Finally, you can always use music if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to make yourself cry. There’s a good chance someone out there has written a song that speaks to you. So, just find it, and if you feel like it, play it on a loop.

When it comes to ballads, Adele immediately comes to mind, as well as the earlier singles of Taylor Swift, Nora Jones, and Celine Dion. My favorite combination these days, though, is The Night We Met by Lord Huron, followed by Kodaline’s All I Want.

I first heard The Night We Met while watching 13 Reasons Why (another weeper!), and it shattered me to pieces. At that time, I was going through a rough patch, having recently ended a meaningful friendship.

In a way, that song reminds me of my ex-friend who I’ll probably never see again, as we’re not on good terms. It always reminds me of the night we met, honestly, and how we instantly clicked and bonded over silly things.

Now, all that’s in the past. But, at least I have these songs to occasionally think of him and feel a sense of relief. Every time I listen to them, I feel a step closer to getting over it.


No matter the reason you’re trying to learn how to make yourself cry, I hope I have helped you find some nice ideas. These work for me each time when I need to let some things out. They’re great if you’re looking to self-soothe too, especially if you feel alone in this world.

Just remember to pick yourself up after your crying session. Nothing lasts forever — not even pain. So, never try to make yourself feel worse with these tips, as that’s possible too.

Don’t rely on fake smiles — use these tips smartly to bridge the despair you’re feeling. Once you do that, aim to inspire yourself to move on.

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