How To Make Yourself Throw Up

how to make yourself throw up

Throwing up or vomiting is a natural response of the human body. The human body is biologically programmed to eliminate or get rid of anything toxic. If you have ingested something that the body cannot digest and process or neutralize, you will involuntarily throw up.

In some cases, you may not vomit immediately and there can be strange or unpleasant sensations. Many people try to induce vomit to alleviate the discomfort. You can voluntarily throw up but it is always necessary to be careful. Excessive vomiting has side effects. The act of throwing up itself has some adverse effects.

Warnings about Voluntary Throwing Up

Self-induced throwing up is fine if you have ingested something toxic or stale food. If you have accidentally swallowed a non-edible substance or if you are feeling nauseous, then self-induced vomiting may help. You should not make voluntary throw up a practice.

Some people have tried self-induced throwing up as a way to lose weight. This is harmful. Frequent vomiting causes damage to the tissues in the throat and can inflame the esophagus. Repetitive throwing up can lead to dehydration and acid reflux. You may suffer from bulimia if you develop a habit of self-induced throwing up.

How to make yourself throw up

1. The most common way to make yourself throw up is using your finger.

This is not the easiest or simplest method however. You can push a finger down the throat and press it against the tongue. The farther you can reach and the more effective your thrust, easier it is to induce vomit.

The body responds with gag reflex when you touch the back of the tongue with a finger and press it. This gag reflex causes nausea and the body responds by throwing up.

2. An easier way to make yourself throw up is a glass of saltwater.

Add one to two teaspoons of salt in a glass of water and gulp it down bottoms up. This method does not have an immediate effect for everyone. Most people take several minutes to throw up. Many people combine the finger method and saltwater for a quicker response. This method works because of the sodium in salt.

Consuming substantial sodium in a very short span of time leads to an imbalance of electrolytes in the body. This compels the body to get rid of the consumed water. In the process, you throw up and clear up whatever is discomforting you.

3. De-carbonated soda or cola can help.

When cola or soda does not have any more bubbles, it is de-carbonated which means no excess carbon dioxide is in the drink. Consuming such soda or cola frequently and excessively will induce vomit. You can quicken this process if you drink cola frequently and follow it up immediately with a glass of water.

The combination will force you to throw up. De-carbonated cola has no positive effect. The drink is just sugar, flavors and additives. The excessive sugar intake troubles the body and it wants to just get rid of the fluid along with the irritants. This leads to throwing up.

4. You can use a toothbrush to make yourself throw up.

This method is exactly the same as using your finger. You take a clean toothbrush and put it inside your mouth. You press it against the back of the tongue and down into your throat. The gag reflex should make you vomit.

Do not insert the toothbrush too far down the throat or you may cause serious damage to the tissues. A toothbrush can obviously go farther than a finger so you should be careful. You can move the toothbrush a little as you press it against the tongue to speed up the gag reflex.

5. Some people can throw up by simply thinking about vomiting.

Memory brings back unpleasant realizations of the bad odor and the discomforting act of vomiting. These realizations or reminiscences can induce vomit.

But this method does not work for everyone. Many people overcome the recapitulation of the sounds, smells and sights of vomiting and hence do not experience nausea.

6. You can use egg whites to make yourself throw up.

Get an egg or two, extract the white or get rid of the yolk and gargle. Most people cannot tolerate the smell, texture and taste of raw eggs. Gargling with the whites is certainly an unpleasant act.

This is one of the most effective ways to make yourself throw up but the experience or the whole act is quite unsettling.

7. Another way to make yourself throw up is to subject your senses to unpleasant sights and smells.

You can use garbage that is stinking. You may use images of vomit or other substances that unnerve you and send a shiver down your throat. People respond to such unpleasant smells and sights in different ways. Many respond by throwing up.

8. You can use baking soda to induce vomiting.

Pour some water in a glass and add a bit of baking soda. A teaspoon should do. Gulp it straight down in one go and the sodium bicarbonate should trigger an effect. Consuming excess sodium bicarbonate causes nausea and it should induce vomit in most people.

9. Other ways to make yourself throw up are the mustard solution and bloodroot herb.

Add one to two teaspoons of mustard in some water and go bottoms up. Mustard is a natural emetic. It causes nausea and can trigger voluntary throwing up. Bloodroot herb or powder can be mixed with some water and this can also cause nausea.

Bloodroot or bloodwort has a few medicinal properties. Causing nausea is actually a side effect but it works in this scenario. The quantity of bloodroot herb or powder should be very little as it is toxic when consumed in substantial doses.

Cautionary Tips

Feeling nauseous does not mean you will throw up, sooner or later. Many people continue to feel nauseous for hours, in some cases days, but do not vomit. Nausea and vomiting are usually correlated but the former does not always lead to the latter.

Do not keep trying the aforementioned methods if you are not throwing up. Nausea will get worse in many cases and you will need to see a doctor. Do not worsen your health in your pursuit to throw up.

You should always take a shower after induced vomiting. A warm shower is usually better. Clear your nose so residual vomit is cleared from the sinuses. Clear your throat too. Brush your teeth or use a mouthwash. Drink some water to prevent dehydration. Do not drink water immediately after throwing up.

Many people throw up again if they drink water immediately. Wait for a while and when you feel pleasant enough, drink some juice or ginger ale. You need to rehydrate and you should also restore the electrolyte balance in the body.

Vomiting has side effects. It does not get rid of toxins only. It also gets rid of water, bodily fluids and nutrients. You are likely to feel weak and dehydrated. Take extra care of your food and fluid intake after throwing up.

Do not make voluntary throwing up a practice or habit. Only do it when you have to. Consult a doctor if you have to throw up repeatedly for some reason. Take care of your oral hygiene when you vomit repeatedly.

The stomach acids erode teeth and damage the tissues in the mouth. Frequent vomiting or throwing up can cause bulimia nervosa. It is a serious eating disorder and warrants immediate remediation.