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Learn How to Measure Ring Size in Inches Accurately

If you’re planning to purchase a new ring, you need to know your ring size down to the millimeter. All hands and fingers are shaped and sized differently, so you don’t want to take your chances with standardized rings.

By learning how to measure ring size in inches, you can find a ring that fits your finger perfectly without any discomfort. A ring too tight may restrict blood flow to your ring finger and one too loose could easily slip off. This guide offers several ways to accurately measure your ring size.

Understanding Ring Size

Ring Size

There are a number of tools that are used to get your precise ring size to prevent discomfort. But first, you need to understand what ring size means and how it’s measured.

So what does ring size refer to? It’s a measurement that denotes the circumference of jewelry rings. They can be measured physically to determine the band fit of your ring finger. The ring finger is the fourth finger, typically on the left hand.

There are different kinds of fingers and that can impact how the ring fits. You may have a tapered finger that broadens more at the base, making it easier for the ring to slip off. You may have slightly meaty fingers as well that can easily be constricted.

Rings with thin bands are usually larger, which helps prevent constriction and are easily removable. Rings with thick bands have a more snug fit, but they’re more suited for slim fingers.

How Is It Measured?

Your ring size can be measured in a number of ways, by yourself or by a professional. This guide will go over some of the DIY methods for getting your measurement at home. There’s also a conversion chart at the end of the blog that you can use to get your ring size in American units.

Importance of An Accurate Ring Size


Your engagement ring or wedding ring is one of your most prized jewels. Not only does it command a steep price but also carries tremendous emotional value. It’s something you may choose to wear every day as a symbol of your relationship status.

Imagine washing your dishes one day only to have your wedding slip off and fall into the drain. On the other hand, it may also be too tight and restrict blood supply to your finger. Measuring your ring size with precision is important to prevent injury and avoid the risk of losing it.

How To Measure Your Ring Size


1. A Soft Tape Measure

This is the easiest and fastest method. Wrap the soft measuring tape around the thickest part of your finger that the ring will hit and note down the measurement with millimeter precision.

2. A String

#1. Use a piece of dental floss or any kind of string as long as it’s non-elastic and wrap it around the knuckle area of your ring finger.

#2. Mark the points on the string where the ends overlap.

#3. Cut the string at the marks.

#4. Measure the length of the small piece of string you cut off with a millimeter ruler.

3. A Strip of Paper

#1. Use a thinly cut strip of paper to create a band around your ring finger and keep it close to your knuckle because that’s where rings ideally hit. Don’t wrap it too tight; you’re trying to get the circumference of your finger while the ring’s loose. This tip is crucial for ensuring you get a ring that fits comfortably.

#2. Use a pencil to mark the spot where the ends of the paper overlap.

#3. Measure the length of the paper up to the mark, using a ruler with millimeter precision.

4. Online Ring Sizer

There are a number of online tools available that can help you calculate your ring size and decide what kind of ring to buy.

5. Printable Ring Sizer

You can download a ring sizer, print it on a sheet of paper, and cut it out. It’s basically a mini measurement tape designed to directly show you your ring size when you wrap it around your finger.

6. Plastic Ring Sizer Belt

A plastic ring sizer belt is the easiest tool there is for measuring ring size. It’s also used by professional retailers. They’re not that expensive and directly give you your ring size. There’s a small buckle that locks the strap in place when you push the strap in to make the band fit your finger. An arrow on it points to your ring size.

7. Get Your Ring Size from A Jeweler

Don’t trust your own judgment? That’s alright. You can always request a ring sizer from a jeweler. Jewelry stores own the most precise ring sizers and are a good place to find people with experience and technique when it comes to custom-fitting jewelry. They’ll also give you advice on what kind of ring would best suit your finger based on its shape and size.

8. Get A Ring Sizer Set

If you’re getting more than one ring made and want to take all the measurements yourself, you may want to consider purchasing a ring sizer set. There are many kinds of sets available, some with electronic gadgets, but they’ve all got the tools you will need to take precise measurements with swiftness.

Ring Size Chart (Ring Size to Inches Conversion)

Here is the inches to US ring size conversion chart to follow.

Ring Size Inches
4 1  13/16 inches
5 1  15/16 inches
6 2  1/16 inches
7 2  1/8 inches
8 2  1/4 inches
9 2  5/16 inches
10 2  7/16 inches
11 2  9/16 inches
12 2  5/8 inches
13 2  3/4 inches
14 2  7/8 inches

5 Tips For Measuring Your Ring Size

Tips For Measuring

Here are some things you should consider when measuring your own ring size:

1. The size of your finger can change during the day. For example, fingers tend to get bloated in the evening. So it’s a good idea to take multiple measures at different times of the day to get the closest average.

2. Your ring should be loose enough to fit over your knuckle.

3. If your exact ring size isn’t available, your best bet is to go for the next larger size that is closest to your measurement.

4. It’s always better to go for slightly larger rings, provided they stay on.

5. If you already have any existing rings that you find comfortable, take them with you to the jewelry store to give your retailer an idea of what kind of ring you’re looking for and what size fits you comfortably.

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