how to tell your boss you're sick text message

How to Tell Your Boss You’re Sick Via Text Message

Different workplaces have different policies when it comes to texting, however, the general idea is to send a text that’s clear and informative. It should include all the important details, without being too “chatty”.

You also want to sound professional and committed while you’re at it, but how do you combine all these elements? Well, I’m here to help you with how to tell your boss you’re sick via text message, so let’s get to business!

Tips to Tell Your Boss You’re Sick via Text Message

Before you go any further, you must make sure your boss actually allows employees to text in sick.

That being said, the following tips should serve as a great way to keep your text precise and straight to the point:

  • Contact your boss directly – be it a manager, a supervisor, or a business owner, make sure you contact the person in charge directly. Never as a co-worker to do it for you.
  • Send the text as early as possible – texting early will give your boss enough time to find someone to cover your shift or do any urgent tasks. If it’s within your responsibility to find a replacement, then be sure to make the necessary arrangements and include this information in your text.
  • Keep it short – you really don’t want to get into the details of your sickness, your boss definitely doesn’t need a description! Just include a sentence or two to explain that you’re too ill to do your job and when they can expect you to return.
  • Use proper capitalization and punctuation to keep the text professional. Think along the lines of a short email rather than a casual text to a friend.
  • If your boss doesn’t reply, follow up with a call to make sure your absence is reported. After all, it’s your responsibility!
  • A serious injury or illness will probably require having a serious conversation with your boss on the phone, especially if the situation involves days/weeks/months of sick leave.

Examples to Tell Your Boss You’re Sick via Text Message

Using the above tips, here are a couple of examples you can use to text in sick:

  • One day off: ” I’m not feeling well today and don’t think I can do my job efficiently. I need to take the day off, but I’ll be back at work tomorrow”
  • Several days off: “I’m sick with (a cold/the flu/etc.), and my doctor has recommended taking a few days off. I hope to be well enough to return on Monday (or the day you plan to go back).
  • Not sure how many days: “I need to take a sick day or possibly a few days off. I hope to return to work on (the day you plan to return), but I’ll keep you posted.


Some companies require calls or reports to tell them you’re sick and won’t be coming to work, but if you’re used to texting your boss about work, then it should be okay to text them about being sick too.

Hopefully, I was able to help you with how to tell your boss you’re sick via text message. Remember, if your boss doesn’t answer back, you should follow up with a call in case your text doesn’t reach them.

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