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6 Points To Show The Importance Of Cabin Air Filter

The pandemic has made the entire world hide behind the mask. Did you know that even your car needs to wear a mask as well?

The difference is that you might be able to remove the mask after the pandemic is over but your car can never. These car masks are called a cabin air filter. Wondering what exactly is a cabin air filter and what difference does it bring in your car? Let me tell you.

What are Cabin Air Filters?

Cabin air filters are one of the most crucial components in a vehicle’s heating and cooling system. It helps protect the driver and the other people inside the car from the harmful contaminants in the air. These filters help remove pollen and dust from within your car.

According to studies, in-car air quality can be 15 times more polluted than the air outside the car. So, what is the importance and benefits of a cabin air filter in your car?

Importance of Cabin Air Filter

1. Better HVAC Performance

Have you ever replaced your cabin air filter since you got your car from factory setup? If not, then there are high chances your filter is clogged by now. It is also possible that your HVAC system has become noisy and fails to supply sufficient air inside your car.

Even if your HVAC normally shows such problems then your cabin air filter needs a replacement. It will help in getting the system unclogged and improve the lives of its vital components. The furnace heating element in HVAC will also affect the usage of the cabin air filter. Check them regularly and replace them if necessary.

2. Reduces Harmful and Bad Odours

Is your car experiencing a musty smell coming out of the ventilation system every time you turn it on? Consider getting the cabin air filter replaced which has activated carbon or charcoal as it absorbs bad odors.

This not only helps in improving the air quality inside the car but also alleviates symptoms of motion sickness in people who are prone to this tendency.

3. Reduces Allergic Reactions

Do you notice your passengers constantly coughing, or wheezing when inside your car? This is a clear indication that allergens like pollen have got into your car. It is also a prime sign that your car needs a new cabin air filter to take care of those allergic reactions.

It helps in trapping dust, pollen, and other allergens that can otherwise affect your health. Remember, regardless of dust-content in your residential area, it is important to change your filter to avoid dealing with any allergens.

4. Reduces Debris and Unwanted Materials

Do you usually go driving to areas located in the outskirts? Weirdly, such places are prone to clogging your cabin air filters with large unwanted objects like twigs, leaves, and other natural debris. These are also common if you park your car in an area with lots of trees and bushes.

Such natural debris can hugely affect the efficacy of your car’s air system. Thus, regularly changing the cabin air filters will help keep these away from clogging your filters.

5. Minimises Risks to Airborne Pollutants

Getting good quality cabin air filters can bring additional benefits to your car. The cabin air filters prevent virus exposure because of the natural polyphenol layer in them. This layer is made up of plants that help in the decomposition of virus protein.

Along with that, it also has antibacterial agents that restrict the growth of bacteria. This helps keep your in-car’s atmosphere virus and bacteria-free.

6. Removes Minutely Fine Particles

Again, the good quality cabin air filters have a layer of an electrostatically charged material that helps in removing minutely fine particles and air pollutants as small as 2.5 microns. To give a clear distinction, a strand of human hair is 50-70 microns in diameter.

This clearly explains that the cabin filter can help filter pollutants that are not visible under our normal vision.

Over to You…

If you don’t remember when was the last time you replaced your car cabin air filter, now is the time. Now that you know it’s importance, there’s no reason why you must wait further!

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