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How to Improve Back Acne

Acne is a very annoying skin problem. Almost everyone will experience it, especially when we are in puberty. Everyone will have varying degrees of acne on their face due to the secretion of body hormones, giving each of our young souls infused with varying degrees of trouble. But fortunately, when we have passed puberty, the acne on our faces has gradually disappeared.

But there is another type of person in life. They are beautiful and the skin is also very smooth. There is no acne. Once they take off their clothes, you will find that the back is full of big red bumps.

I am in this situation. When my puberty started to develop acne on my face, I would be very irritable, and sometimes I would pray if I could not put it on my face, how good it would be to grow on my body so that others can not see it!

But my acne lasted for more than two years, and it only appeared on the face. Later, I was completely away from the acne, but I do not know if my adolescent prayers worked or what happened. In my second year of entering the workplace, the acne that had not appeared for many years began to appear on my back.

I did not pay much attention to it at the beginning. It was only on the back, but it slowly appeared on the neck later. I could not wear some clothes I liked and was in a bad mood. Especially in summer, I could not wear all kinds of beautiful clothes with backless. What is the meaning of being alive!

How can I endure such a life-long unhappy thing? After lots of experiments I tried on myself with skincare knowledge, I finally solved the problem. Next, I will share it with everyone.

Before sharing the method, everyone must figure out what is on the body, so the acne can be treated by prescribing the right medicine!

When the oil secretion is strong but cannot be cleaned and dredged in time, the sebum will block the pores, and then form folliculitis, because the sebaceous glands in these areas of the front chest and back are relatively developed. Like a kind of red, swollen acne that can cause whiteheads, it is primary folliculitis.

If you leave it alone, it will become a piece of cyst acne after it develops and grows. These two types can be removed by conventional methods, but the acne on many people is a fungal infection-horse Rassezia folliculitis. How to tell from it? Malassezia folliculitis is generally one piece.

Although it is as large as acne, it grows densely and independent of each other, and the inflammation area does not merge into a big bag. Compared with acne, it hurts. Folliculitis caused by this fungus will be itchy. If you can not help but want to scratch acne, you can do it.

Well, let us talk about how to cure it.

Common pustules and acne

If you only get one or two acne occasionally, do not pay too much attention to it. It is normal. As long as you take a shower and change bedding and personal clothing frequently, they will usually go away on their own.

But if the acne on your back/front chest has become more and more, you need to pay attention. The first is living habits. The common problem is not to go to bed too late. Staying up late can easily cause endocrine disorders and stimulate sebaceous gland secretion. When taking a bath, pay attention to cleaning your back. Do not stop cleaning despite you can not reach it. You can choose a soft bath brush to clean your back.

After the horny and oil accumulated on the back are cleaned up, pustules and acne will no longer have a breeding ground, and they will gradually disappear. Pay attention to appropriateness and persistence when cleaning. Do not rub the skin violently at one time. It will be terrible if the skin is damaged and causes infection.

In this case, you can also use body exfoliating products + body milk containing fruit acid, because the skin on the body is more keratinous. The better one I use is the body exfoliating beauty device purchased from Kingdohealthy. I use Sicui body cream, Alpha-hydroxy, fruit acid, which can accelerate the exfoliation of keratin and unclog the pores.

If you insist on taking a bath every day using exfoliating tools and applying fruit-acid body lotion, it will heal quickly. If there is no inflammation on your back, but there are patches of black acne marks, this kind of pigmentation will disappear as long as you insist on applying fruit-acid body lotion, which I have tested and is effective.

Malassezia folliculitis

Then there is Malassezia folliculitis. If this is the case for you, you must first understand that Malassezia, a fungus, actually exists in most people, so it was not the fungus that chose you. Your skin is very suitable for it to multiply.

Malassezia is a lipophilic fungus. Your skin is too oily and has become its food paradise. Your skin is too suitable for survival, so it multiplies rapidly.

Therefore, to control the condition, the first thing to do is to suppress the secretion of the sebaceous glands and cut off the way forward.

As the previous statement, balance your work and rest, improve your diet, and clean up frequently. But only oil control is not enough.In this case, antibacterial and oil control are very necessary. The best way is to go to a regular hospital to see a dermatologist who will prescribe targeted medicine.

Oral antifungal drugs may be prescribed, such as ketoconazole and itraconazole; and topical drugs, such as bifonazole, cycloacetonamine, econazole.For recurrent Malassezia folliculitis, it is necessary to consider internal causes, such as using high-dose glucocorticoids or broad-spectrum antibiotics, or the weakened immune function of the skin.

In addition, too much androgen in girls may also stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete excessive sebum to form such folliculitis, which may be accompanied by polycystic ovary syndrome and may also have signs such as obvious laryngeal knots and heavy hair. This is not just a simple skin problem. If you have such a problem, you must go to the hospital!

Many times the acne can be solved when it first appears, but we don’t care much at the beginning. If we do not pay much attention to it, it will get worse and worse. To sum up, it is the strong secretion of oil. + Keratin + endocrine.

We can clean the oil. I recommend choosing a good body exfoliating product. I recommend kingdo. Their website is, and the effect is very surprising. Endocrinology coordination is to maintain a healthy diet, work, and rest.

improve back acne

If you don’t have acne, that’s great. But I hope you can forward it to your friends who have these problems and help them. If you have only a little acne on your back now, please act immediately and do not let acne lesions. If you are more troublesome now, do not worry. Following the method I shared above, you can get better.

improve back acne

Finally, I want to emphasize it again: insist on cleaning and bathing every day + body exfoliating products + fruit-acid body milk + healthy work and rest + improving diet + persistence! come on!

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