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6 Tips for an Incredible Couples Getaway

Is there anything more exciting than a getaway with just you and your partner, far away from your usual world? Every couple needs to treat themselves now and again, and finding a romantic town in Europe or a seaside cottage with beautiful views is one of the best ways to do just that. If you’re planning on a couple’s getaway, here are six tips to make it incredible.

1. Choose Somewhere Out of the Way

Many couples, especially busy couples, find that they don’t spend enough quality time with each other throughout the working week. While this might not seem like too much of an issue at first, it can build up to the point you feel like you don’t spend nearly enough one-on-one time with them. To bring back that intimacy, choose a getaway location that’s a little more out of the way, like the mountains or a beach far from tourists.

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2. Keep Your Phones on Silent

You don’t want to spend your weekend getaway with a ringing phone lodged in between you both. To make sure you give each other every ounce of attention, make a plan to put your phones on silent or switch them off completely when you’re together. If you’ve made a reservation at a fancy restaurant, you could even go as far as leaving your phones in the hotel! Don’t worry – your notifications will be there when you get back.

3. Go for Adventure

Why not inject your relationship with some adrenaline? Get your blood pumping as it did at the start of your relationship by trying out something that scares you. You could go bungee jumping, snorkelling, ziplining, or mountain climbing. Not only will you both have a great time together, but you’ll go home with memories you’ll never forget.

4. Pack Clothes for Dressing Up

Partners appreciate it when the other puts some effort into their appearance. Even if you haven’t officially planned a fancy night out, make sure you pack something worthy of a high-class restaurant. Think suits, dresses, high heels, ties – whatever you would usually wear when putting in a lot of effort.

5. Don’t Get Too Caught Up in Details

While you might want to plan the getaway from end to end, it’s better to leave at least some free space open. You never know when you might want to spend the morning in bed, take a walk down the beachfront, or simply walk through the local town to find somewhere to eat accidentally. A little spontaneity never hurt anyone!

6. Go to a Place from Your Past

If you really want to ignite the romance in your relationship, why not go somewhere you’ve previously had fond memories together? It could be your honeymoon destination, where you had your first holiday or just a place you had tons of fun memories together. All the memories will soon come flooding back, and it’ll spark another beautiful time away.

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