Is Inspiration the Main Gear for Success?


At different stages of our lives, we are seeking success in various spheres. We want to be high-achievers at school, college, workplace, business, and life in general. Regardless of age, it is natural for a human to look for ways to achieve one’s goals.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that we share our aspirations, only some reach the end goal, while many seem to lag behind. Why does this happen? Do those people who reach their objectives know the secret formula of success? 

While there is probably no universal formula that can make anyone succeed in any endeavor, there are definitely some gears for achievement. In this article, we are going to talk about the main one – inspiration.

Does Inspiration Ensure Success?

Obviously, if we were to talk about success in creative endeavors, in particular, it would be fair to say that inspiration plays a decisive role.

Let’s say you are an artist who needs to finish a painting. Or a writer who is working on a book, or a student who has a single essay setting him apart from getting a high final grade. 

In each of these cases, you won’t do well without inspiration. Luckily for a student, at least there is a chance to order the paper at and get the help of professional writers. 

But in the cases of a writer or artist, they will likely fail if the motivation is lacking.

Now, does inspiration matter as much in the cases of less (or not at all) creative endeavor? Yes! 

Inspiration evokes a person’s creativity, and, as you probably know, this skill and ability to think outside the box are the two characteristics all successful people share. Regardless of your goals, these qualities can help anyone find less trivial solutions.

Another reason why inspiration matters is because it makes you feel more excited and enthusiastic about the things you are doing. Thus, it increases your involvement in the task and stimulates a positive attitude.

Often this state is compared to awakening as it makes us more open to something new. This means that being in the state of the creative impulse, we begin to notice greater opportunities and have the drive to chase them. This is another way how this feeling can lead to success.

Not less important is the fact that this feeling facilitates progress towards your goals. One study observed a group of college students who intended to accomplish certain goals throughout the semester. 

Students were asked to share their goals and report on the progress several times a month. The results of this study have revealed that those students who had higher scores on the Inspiration Scale also showed better progress in achieving their goals.

Finally, it is worth noting that this creative impulse can make you feel a greater level of purpose and gratitude in life, thus enhancing overall wellbeing. 

How does wellbeing relate to achievements, you may ask? While it may not have a direct link, there are no reasons to argue about the fact that people can be much more motivated for action when they experience high levels of positivity.

How to Stay Inspired?

Although inspiration is naturally considered as something that evokes spontaneously, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any control over it at all. 

There are quite a few ways to keep your motivation and excitement flowing, such as the following.

Listen to Music

During many years, people were finding their creative impulse in music, and it is still a great way to evoke this feeling. The thing is that inspiration is an emotion (or, better say, a whole range of them), and the right music can help you experience those emotions.


Another great way to keep you excited, driven, and motivated is by reading regularly. Keeping a good book at hand can help you regain the muse to keep moving towards your goals. 

After all, not without reason, reading is called a habit of successful people.

Do Sports

Exercising is another habit of high achievers. Not only does it boost one’s mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. It also lets your mind unwind and unleash its creative potential.

The Bottom Line

So, is inspiration really the main gear for success? Answering this question can be somewhat tricky. 

From one side, inspiration alone is not enough for reaching one’s objectives. Achieving something also requires decent motivation, courage, and drive to start making steps towards your goals.

Yet, from the other side, success is barely possible without a fair deal of inspiration as it is what helps us generate ideas and find non-standard solutions. 

A drive is what makes you take the first step, but finding the muse is what can keep you moving, which is why it plays a critical role in success.