Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips To Try Out

instagram marketing tips
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Whether it’s fashion, business or food, we all are wondering – is it Instagrammable? Instagram has proliferated immensely over the years. Gone are those days when it was just about the photo and the video posting.

Today it has become so huge that people can make a living out of it! The then photo-sharing app has come a long way, today it allures influencers, businesses, brands and even celebrities, Instagram presence of a movie star happens to be the topmost clause in the contract of a brand they wish to endorse. 

Instagram continues to grow, at present (as of 2021) it has 1.074 users worldwide, the average post on Instagram contains 10.7 hashtags, 500+ million people actively use Instagram stories every day, 71% of Instagram users are youngsters, under the age of 30, an estimate of 71% businesses are on Instagram (in the US), using it to expand their businesses. Instagram is a rave!

The business of Instagram marketing is huge. The world is on Instagram, glued and addicted to it. How does this marketing work? It’s quite simple, the more Instagram followers you have, the better you’ll appeal. Further using appropriate hashtags and buying Instagram likes, will hike up your engagement rate and give you wider visibility.

Instagram marketing is an easy, affordable and quick way to sell your brand, products and services. Since the engagement rate is soaring and the user number is ginormous, there are chances of you (influencers) or your brand blowing up within mere months!

Here are the top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Try out:

1. Set up a business account:

If you want your business to grow and thrive, you need to either make a business or switch it to the business mode asap. Switching your account to business mode is quite easy. Just head over to “settings” and then click on “switch to business mode”, and there you go!

Why business mode? Business mode allows your followers or your collaborators to get in contact with you, directly from your Instagram page. By switching it to the business mode you’ll be able to access Instagram Insights. Insights provide analytics and statistics, they will help you with figuring out your performance and things like, what content your followers like or dislike? Helping you to plan your content according.  

Planning content according to your followers is the key to increase engagement and get more Instagram followers.

2. Buy more likes:

Before delving into this you should know how the Instagram algorithm works, and then use it to your advantage. More likes mean more engagement on Instagram, so buying more Instagram likes (real) helps you increase your engagement rate, which means a larger number of people will like, share and comment on your content, and with more social proof, you’ll attract more users to engage with your brand.

Now here’s a thing, you should never buy fake followers because they won’t bring any engagement and will be a waste of money. Companies like Storm likes, and ViewsExpert offer a safe and credible way to buy Instagram likes. 

3. Reels, Q&A and live:

Plunging into trends that are very “in”, will bring you more Instagram followers, likes and escalate your engagement rate. Newly launched Instagram reels are in Vogue, so better use them to your advantage. Create visually compelling reels which are vibrant and novel, add catchy music and top it all with aesthetic edits. 

By doing Q and A you’ll get an insight into what your followers want, and you may use that information in your business decisions. At the same time, your followers are likely to feel that their opinions are taken into consideration. 

Using the Instagram live feature allows you to connect with your followers directly. Go live with influencers or someone from your industry, this way their followers will get to know about your brand and vice versa, you can also conduct live workshops, or you may go live with your followers and get to know them a little better.  

4. Collaborate with influencers:

Instagram influencers and no less than movie stars today. Youth is obsessed with them and want to know the nitty-gritty of their lives, hence videos like “what I eat in a day”, “what’s in my bag” and “what’s my skincare routine” are so popular.

Today Influences are like those elder siblings who will guide you about everything, youth swear by them. Collaborating with influencers will not only increase your visibility as a brand on Instagram but will also help in building your credibility as a brand.  

5. Make the best use of stories:

With 500+ million people being active on Instagram stories daily, stories become the most important and effective part of business promotion strategy. Stories on Instagram allow people to see the real you, and this is where they will connect with you. (It’s like reality TV). You can use stories for people to get to know you, but the most important thing that you can do in your stories is to provide updates and information about your brand.

Pitch about your brand, products or services and make it look sellable. Repost stories of the people who have tagged you, you can do the BTS on Instagram stories, use the “poll” or “that or that” feature to keep your followers engaged and connected with your brand. Instagram stories are the quickest and the easiest way to promote your brand, so make the best use of them.

Instagram is booming and is here to stay. It not just cuts down the cost of advertising and promoting your business, but also makes your business go global. And as they say, ‘Consistency is the key’, so be consistent, be authentic, be out there and let your creative juices flow.

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Naomi Kizhner

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