Top 5 Reasons Behind Instant Pot Popularity

instant pot popularity
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The instant pot is a form of cooker that runs on electricity, which is rapidly gaining popularity. So, what’s unique about the pot? Why do people choose to buy an instant pot for cooking? The straightforward answer to that is because it’s relatively easy and reliable. You can cook different types of food in it, and it preserves food taste that is more than a regular cooker.

The explanations for its popularity are many, as some of them are listed below. It’s easy to navigate and safer to use. There were also days where you had to cook in a bulky metal container with a frightening noise that leaves you in a perpetual state of concern. Now all you need to do is push the button, and rest is an automatic process.

You may even leave it unattended after it has been thoroughly sealed. It ensures protection with fast and proper cooking. It has many other features and can handle the duties of many different instruments in your kitchen. Below given are the reasons behind instant pot popularity.

1. Fast Cooking

Nowadays, when everything is changing and becoming diverse, one needs the appliances and tools that are faster and efficient. The same goes for cooking and other kitchen appliances. The fast cooking is the main reason for its popularity. It helps a lot when it comes to making recipes that take a lot of time.

• When you usually make bone marrow soup in a pressure cooker, it takes a lot of time, about 24 hours. But when you make the same broth in Instant Pot, it cuts the time taken to 80%

• You can set the timer before cooking and cooks the food within the timing. It also helps in its faster cooking.

• The critical attribute of instant pot appeal is 60% to 70% less preparation time than conventional cookers, and it only takes 2 to 3 hours to cook the soup.

2. Multipurpose

Things are evolving, and the world is finding ways to facilitate humankind. The multipurpose cooker serves you in such a way that you can get rid of many other tools in your kitchen. Instant pots contain more water and steam pressure than regular cookers, resulting in better flavour preservation.

• You can use it for pressure frying, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, heating and sautéing. Need some rice recipes? Check out this recipe by corrie cooks.

• Instant multipurpose pot can be used as a slow cooker, a yoghurt machine, a browning pan and a heating pot. So, you can replace other appliances in your kitchen.

• Another feature that cannot be overlooked is cooking rice. More and more people are going to automatic rice cookers to boil rice. You can cook desserts in this pot, too.

• Steaming, boiling and sautéing are functions that bring more appeal to the instant pot and give it an advantage over other cookers of the same type.

3. Safety

We all want safer things around us, especially when it comes to cooking. It provides safety to its users, and that is the most prominent quality of Instant pot that makes it so popular among users.

One of the most popular characteristics of the instant pot is its protection. The Instant Pot is fully sealed and checked by ten protection instruments. It’s currently the safest pot online. Ordinary pots make an awful noise, and they can blow up at any moment.

The instant pot has a lot of protective measures incorporated to it. It helps in using it without fear of blowing it up or making awful noises. You can leave it in your kitchen because it doesn’t explode like most ordinary cookers. You cannot open it until the food is fully cooked.

4. Cleaning

You do not need to worry about the cleaning of the instant pot as it is effortless. All parts of the cooker are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily except the base. You can quickly wash the internal pot of the cooker, its lid and the sealing ring.

Its base provides the heat required for cooking. It should not be put in a dishwasher, as the base of the cooker will get wet. Let the base of the cooker dry completely. You can clean it faster and efficiently just by following the steps given below;

• You can clean the surface and interior by using a damp cloth to keep it dry. However, the inner pot and steam rack are made of stainless steel so that you can wash it quickly with a dishwasher or a basic hand washing machine.

• Sometimes, a bluish or rainbow discolouration occurs on the jar due to the food’s salts and minerals. Non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner is used to clean and brighten it. The discolouration of the rainbow is eliminated using the same process.

• A moist sponge soaked in vinegar or lemon is used to disinfect white hard water stains. The cap is suitable for the dishwasher. Remove the seal ring for better washing. You can also clean the lid and the sealing ring in the same manner.

• Check the valves if there are food particles stuck as they can cause a blockage. The anti-block shield should be removed and then cleaned. You can wash it with warm water and soap and place it in its position when it gets dry.

• Wash the sealing ring in the same manner. Please place it in its position after complete drying. Replace your sealing ring if you observe any cracks. The sealing ring can last for a year, but you can change it within six months as it absorbs the odour.

5. Programming

The best and prominent feature of the instant pot is its manual programming system. It makes it easy to handle and more efficient. It has a microprocessor system and has programming controls. The buttons contain options for broth, beef, fish, bean/chilli.

You can cook anything only by clicking the button, and you will cook the food quicker and more effectively, and it will eventually turn off. You can infer from this feature that it’s effortless to use since all settings are customizable. This simple programming is the key feature of this instant pot that helps to cook food precisely.


You can guess by the reasons mentioned above why the Instant pot is so much popular. As implied, this is simply a multipurpose machine cooker. It’s highly effective, quick and reliable, and can handle a lot of work. Instant pots can be used anywhere without any worries, be it homes or offices.

The conveniently adjustable software environment in this instant pot allows you to cook various dishes in a variety of ways. It gives the dish the taste you’re looking to get by modifying the cooking process according to your directions.

Varying the cooking measures gives the meal more texture to make it the way you want your food. Instant pot microprocessor prevents food from overcooking or undercooking. When it comes to quick cooking, no other pot comes near the Instant pot. All of these features make this pot everyone’s favourite.

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