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How International Students Benefit from Online Courses

The proportion of international students in North American high schools is climbing rapidly, due in part to growing globalization and fast advances in technology. However, some international students feel like their courses aren’t adequately preparing them for the rigours of higher education or the demands of the modern workplace.

That’s where online education steps in. At quality online schools, international students find the support, space, and flexibility they require to succeed – not just in their high school tenure but also in their post-secondary endeavours.

Below, explore a few ways international students benefit from virtual learning.

Self-Paced Online Learning Lets You Slow the Speed

Online schools are typically “self-paced,” meaning they allow students to work as slowly or quickly as they require. This is a godsend for “English as an additional language” students first entering a North American high school.

Many incoming international students can thrive in courses like ENG4U, provided they are given the time and breathing room to acclimatize to the course’s language demands. Similarly, some incoming international students may feel entirely fluent in universal concepts like mathematics; in these cases, self-paced studies are also advantageous, as they allow those students to work ahead.

Remote Courses Allow You to Study from Wherever

For many students, remoteness is perhaps the most significant advantage of online schooling. Many international students want to partake in a North American education (which sets them up neatly for a spot in recognized North American universities and companies). However, moving oneself across the world and then paying high rents and cost-of-living expenses is prohibitive. (Not to mention culture shock and other factors!)

Online learning solves that problem. An international student can receive a quality North American education – complete with the same credentials dispensed at brick-and-mortar schools – from the comfort of their home.

Built-in Support Systems Ensure Students Are Never Left Behind

The best online schools boast strong support networks. They feature a staff of dedicated teachers willing to allot “office hours” to international students with questions/concerns. They also offer 24/7 tutoring for students who need answers in the middle of the night.

That latter support strategy is particularly beneficial for international students, many of whom complete their courses from a home country in a wildly different time zone.

These layered support systems ensure that international students can transition easily into their new schooling. They always have someone to talk to – someone to explain things – so they can take their best possible shot at academic success.

You Can Integrate a Flexible Virtual Education in Your Existing Schedule

Lastly, online schools are flexible. Typically, they don’t have an end date or start date. Students can allocate time to their coursework however they want, whether it’s studying a couple of hours a day for a few months, or several hours a day for a few weeks. Because of this flexibility, international students can integrate their courses into an existing school schedule or work schedule.

If you’re an international student considering breaking into North American education, consider your online options. As we’ve demonstrated above, online schools offer flexibility, support and convenience.

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