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Is It Really Worth It To Invest In An Online Coding Camp?

The tech industry has boomed over the past decades increasing the demand for coding and programming wizards in STEM worldwide. More often than not, this high demand gets met with less than par supply meaning there are more jobs than those qualified to fill positions.

While coding programs can take years to complete due to general education and elective requirements, opting for an online coding camp can be a great way to learn specific skill sets from a no-fluff approach. To decide whether or not investing in an online camp is worth it, we’ve put together a straightforward list of pros and cons to consider before making any final decisions.

What Is A Coding Camp?

Coding camps are intensives focused on a specific set of topics depending on the student’s goals. Originally meant for professionals who couldn’t take time off of work to return to school, coding camps and online coding classes for kids have become widely accessible for all ages and backgrounds. They are a great addition to the standard coding curriculum as well as stand-alone educational pillars for those interested in certifications and furthering their career.

Pros Of Online Coding Camps

The pros of investing in an online coding camp depend on the student’s goals and aspirations. From advancing in established career positions to adding extracurriculars, coding camps offer so much more than the ability to make waves in the industry or get ahead in school.

Focuses On A Specific Topic

The options in learning how to code are infinite and there is always so much to learn. From programming entire systems of software to creating commands in existing models, online coding camps are the go-to space for cutting through the noise of general education courses and honing in on a specific topic.

Offers Flexibility In Course Duration And Location

Learning online offers busy students the luxury of flexible scheduling to work around different schedules. Additionally, this flexibility can open up opportunities for those along different time zones and state lines. A simple search like “online coding camps near me” can bring up a plethora of options to meet a variety of needs.

Learn Invaluable Skills That Will Help Shape The Future

This goes without saying, but the tech industry needs more brilliant minds in the game. Enrolling in an online coding camp opens up the door to creating a more diverse industry of programmers from all walks of life and experiences.

Opens The Door To High Paying Career Opportunities

Not only does the industry need more innovators, but the booming job opportunities are also exceptionally lucrative. Aside from the high paying job positions just waiting to be filled, learning how to program using AutoCAD or write code through JavaScript, for example, can be the added certification to seal the deal during a close hiring call.

Provides A budget-friendly Approach To Coding

Another positive to learning how to code online includes the affordable side of budgeting. Rather than making a four-year commitment to the traditional course of study and debts, the shorter intensives cut both higher bills and unrelated classes out of the equation. If what you pay for is what you get, students can expect to receive sole attention on all things STEM.

Cons Of Coding Camps

The cons of coding camp can vary depending on what a student is looking for. For example, if attending college and having the university experience feels more aligned, then opting for STEM intensive would defeat the purpose of added extracurriculars and campus culture.

Certificates Vs. Degrees

While online coding camps offer various certificates of mastery, deciding whether or not a certificate or degree is best depends on the student’s goals. For those in the elementary, middle, and high school range enrolling in an online coding camp offers additional learning while in school. On the other hand, if a student is looking to work in a specific sector, consider whether a degree would be beneficial.

Quick Learning Is The Name Of The Game

Enrolling in an online coding course is like joining a boot camp training intensive. The curriculum moves at a quick cadence and while there is flexibility in making up missed courses, it is easy to fall behind if a student can’t keep up. To make the most out of online coding camps, take a moment to consider how immersing oneself in laser focus can make or break the experience of a short, yet robust course duration.

How Do I Find The Best Coding Camps?

With so many options it can feel like a minefield narrowing in on the best selection. However, there are a few things to consider when taking the first steps in making such a commitment. After considering the initial pros/cons of joining an online camp, having an understanding of the school’s legitimacy and outcome transparency is king.

Gratefully, we live in an era that makes it possible to aim for the heights once deemed impossible. Investing in an online camp bridges the demand for programmers in the tech field while making coursework easily accessible—no matter the situation.

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