is it healthy to shave pubic hair for males

Is It Healthy to Shave Pubic Hair for Males? Answered with Pros and Cons

When it comes to personal grooming, one question that often sparks curiosity and controversy is- is it healthy to shave pubic hair for males? In pursuit of a well-groomed down under, trimming this hair has become a common practice for many. Shaving this hair is driven by hygiene concerns, aesthetics, partner preferences, health concerns, or societal expectations.

This article seeks to provide a comprehensive answer to the question on many minds. We’re going to explore what it is, what it is for, whether it’s healthy to groom pubic hair, and its pros and cons.

What Is Pubic Hair? What’s It for?

Pubic Hair

This is hair that grows in the genital area including the region around the pubic bone, extending to the groin, and the inner thighs. Pubic hair is heavier, longer, and coarser. Its development results from rising levels of androgens in males during puberty.

Pubic hair has several purposes regardless of whether you choose to shave it, wax it, trim it, or let it grow. The purposes of this hair include:

1. Reducing Friction

Pubic hair traps air and moisture, allowing it to provide lubrication reducing friction during intimacy. It also acts as a barrier to limit skin-to-skin contact during physical activities. The hair also offers a cushioning effect in areas with more sensitive skin. It encourages comfortable experiences during activities involving friction.

2. Keeping the Genitals Warm

Working as a natural insulator, this hair retains body heat in the genital area. This is especially useful in boosting sexual arousal. It also regulates moisture by managing sweat and limiting excessive dampness. Apart from contributing to overall comfort, pubic hair also limits friction from direct skin-to-skin contact where the legs meet the torso.

3. Traps Pheromones

These are chemical signals or scents released to communicate to one’s partner to boost attractiveness. Pubic hair in the genial area traps and disperses these pheromones. The smell of pubic hair can sexually entice a partner.

Besides, apocrine sweat glands are plenty in the hair follicles in the groin area. These can produce pheromones when one reaches puberty.

4. Limits Bacteria and Infections

Pubic hair acts as a physical barrier that covers the skin around the genital area. This limits skin-to-skin contact which limits the chances of bacteria from external sources from reaching your skin. It also absorbs moisture from the skin making it less conducive for bacteria to thrive.

This hair is associated with the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum. This oily substance moisturizes the skin and contains antibacterial properties that protect the skin. It also limits friction between the genitals and the thighs which prevents chances of entry points for bacteria.

5. Signals Sexual Maturity

Androgen production is responsible for the development of testosterone in males which encourages the growth of pubic hair as a secondary characteristic of sexual maturity. It usually appears at the same time as the growth of underarm hair. These changes collectively indicate the onset of reproductive readiness.

The appearance of pubic hair shows that one’s physical development is now capable of supporting sexual reproduction.

Is It Healthy to Shave Pubic Hair for Males?

Is It Healthy

Yes, personal grooming choices are subjective but there are health-related reasons for males to shave pubic hair. Although individual experiences vary, here are the health considerations to trim that bush down there.

1. Reduce Bacterial Growth

A shaved pubic area is clean allowing thorough cleaning which reduces the build-up of bacteria. Pubic hair traps moisture creating a warm and damp environment suitable for bacteria to thrive. Shaving reduces the moisture trapping effect lowering the chances of bacteria proliferation.

When you shave, your skin becomes smoother making it less prone to irritation and microtears. The tiny cuts or irritations are entry points for bacteria. Eliminating chances of irritation and cuts lessen chances of bacterial infection.

2. Improves Hygiene

Males who shave enjoy better hygiene in various ways. A shaved pubic area is easier to clean. The skin is easier to reach because of the absence of dense hair. This eliminates the accumulation of sweat, oil, and bacteria that may contribute to unpleasant smells. Shaving reduces the surface area where odor may adhere leaving you smelling clean and fresh.

3. Controls Infections

When you take time without shaving, you’re more likely to begin reaching out to the groin areas for a thorough scratching. This is embarrassing since you may never know when nature calls. Fungi and bacteria in a bushy pubic area are the likely culprits.

Shaving will eliminate the itchiness, pain, and discomfort in the groin area. A clean shave will break the chain of infection to allow addressing the issue quickly.

4. Eases Detection of Skin Conditions

When you shave, you remove the barrier of hair for better skin visibility. This makes any changes, abnormalities, or other skin conditions more apparent. You can inspect the skin more easily to detect lesions, rashes, or moles requiring urgent attention.

If you have a history of skin conditions, shaving the pubic area allows easy monitoring and regular self-examination. Changes in skin color or evolving lesions become more noticeable. You also save yourself from embarrassment when you visit a medical professional for an expert diagnosis after shaving.

5. Enhances Sexual Experience

Removing pubic hair enhances sensitivity in the genital area. There’s limited chafing during sexual activities heightening pleasure and a more comfortable experience. A clean shave leads to smoother skin and eliminates hair distractions during oral sex. Additionally, some partners find a shaved pubic area visually appealing contributing to a positive experience.

Pros and Cons of Shaving Pubic Hair

Pros and Cons

Whether to shave or not is a personal choice. Here are the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


• Boosts self-care practice
• Increases self-esteem
• Cleaner and fresher feel
• Groomed and neat appearance
• Makes the skin smoother


• Encourages ingrown hair
• May lead to itchiness nicks, and cuts
• Increase chances of introducing infective agents
• Eliminates natural protective barrier
• Time-consuming to do

Whether you choose a clean-shaven look or natural growth, the ultimate goal is to feel confident, comfortable, and true to yourself.

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