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10 Different Jobs A Teenager Could Benefit From Around Their School Schedule

If you’re a teenager and you want some kind of financial independence, there are numerous ways to earn money so you can purchase your wants or essentials without asking for money from your parents. There’s nothing wrong with working around your school schedule; as long as it won’t affect your studies and you can still maintain your grades, you can try any job you want.

If you don’t know which job is best suited for you, below are the different options you can choose from:

1. Dog Walker

Did you know that dog walking is one of the best jobs for teenagers? Ensure that you’re comfortable around pets before you take any dog for a walk. Besides dog walking, you can also offer to pet-sit animals while their owners are on vacation or away.

2. Babysitter

Babysitting a younger neighbor or even your sibling can be an excellent job for a teenager like you. Typically, babysitters work during Fridays and Saturdays, leaving the weekdays open to participate in various school-related activities and complete homework.

More often than not, babysitters are paid well. Sometimes, the payment may vary depending on the sitter’s age, but others pay more when they’re crunched for time.

References, word of mouth referrals, and recommendations are crucial to acquire new babysitting jobs. As a babysitter, you should be on your best behavior if you want to be hired again. The reason behind it is that looking after small kids can be challenging, and you should know how to handle everything well to land another babysitting gig.

3. Pizza Delivery Man

If you have a good driving record and own a car, another job you can consider is delivering pizzas around your neighborhood. This can be a good side hustle to earn money while in college. However, delivery drivers don’t usually get paid much, but they get tips from their customers. A pizza delivery man’s job entails driving back and forth to pick up pizzas and delivering them to customers.

Teenagers with pizza delivery jobs have a sense of autonomy and can listen to their own music while working. Collecting money and delivering pizzas promptly can teach you to be more responsible. It may not be a glamorous work, but you can make decent money from working as a pizza delivery guy by having the right character and attitude.

4. Lawn Carer Or Landscaper

Doing lawn care part-time or working as a landscaper will allow you to get outside while getting paid to work.

During summer or even your free time, you can mow lawns. Most people pay a small fortune for part-timers as long as their hedges are trimmed weekly or their lawns are mowed properly.

If you’re living in a colder region, you can shovel snow from sidewalks and driveways during the winter months.

Taking care of lawns can be an excellent money-making opportunity while studying. It’s a plus if you own a lawnmower or you have landscaping tools.

Just take note that lawn care can be a dull, hot, and buggy job. But, having the freedom to choose your clients, follow your own schedule, and set your rates to make offering lawn care services a tremendous part-time work.

5. Grocery Store Bagger

Almost all grocery stores are always searching for teenagers to serve as baggers and cashiers. Most of them would want you to work throughout the school year, on weekends and after school. So, if you like working in a grocery store, you can apply as a bagger as your part-time or summer job.

6. Fast Food Server

Many teenagers can find starter positions in a fast food restaurant, depending on the minimum age to work in every state. Usually, such establishments will hire people who don’t have experience.

To work in this position, you need to love working with other people at a fast pace. The majority of fast-food restaurants expect the servers to be quick and do their job well, even under pressure.

7. Driver

If you’re a teenager who has a license and a vehicle, you can earn extra money from driving other people or running errands for them.

Some older people might look for help when it comes to grocery shopping, or they may need rides to a hospital or doctor’s office. Doing these things is a great opportunity to make money, while improving your driving skills.

8. Mover

People who can’t afford to hire professional movers often consider a la carte moving and packing services.

Although professional movers can easily and quickly pack things and load furniture or boxes into a truck, they’re insured and bonded, which may mean more expense. As an alternative, many people opt for local packing and moving service providers that offer extra help during weekends.

If you think you’re fit as a part-time packer or mover, you can consider this job. However, make sure to note that this job can be grueling, particularly during hot days. In terms of payment, expect to get paid a minimum wage or a little more than that.

9. House Cleaner

Cleaning houses is something that any teenager can do. Several older adults and those who have busy schedules prefer having somebody come and clean their houses. As a house cleaner, you can make a significant amount of cash, as well as gather more clients by doing an excellent job.

10. Car Washer

As a teenager, you have the freedom to choose your working hours or schedule. With that in mind, you can try a job like car washing. The only thing you should do is look for the nearest car washing service providers that offer part-time jobs and check if their working hours fit your schedule.


When it comes to finding jobs while in high school, teenagers have different motivations. The above jobs may not bring much money, but the work experience you’ll obtain will be very valuable.

Within just a few hours daily, you can learn about people skills, money management, responsibility, and professionalism, while building self-esteem and learning ways to succeed in the real world after graduation. Just make sure that you still socialize with your friends, do extracurricular activities, and make time for homework.

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