7 Essential Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy

keep pet happy
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Having a pet by your side is such an enriching experience on its own. On one hand, it gives you the first-hand experience of seeing it grow, while on the flip side, a pet makes you understand what it is to care for someone unconditionally. If you are the parent of a furry little friend, here are some tips from the experts to keep him happy and healthy.

1. Food for thought!

You do know that a well-fed pet is a happy pet. In order to maintain a healthy body and state of mind, you need to ensure that the right nutrition reaches your pet. The core nutritional requirements for pets include proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, water, and carbohydrates.

In case you wish to be more informed of the food choices for your little one, visit Pet Market for further information.

• If you are getting the feeling that your pet is not happy with his meal plans these days, here are some boxes you can tick off to make sure you have made the right choice.

• While looking for pet food, pet parents must make sure to choose the right brand. Always go for a brand that has been approved by the concerned food authority for animals. This will ensure that you receive the most genuine and authentic piece of information.

• Don’t overfeed your pet with all the healthy ingredients as it may wreck havoc on his digestive system. Stick to a simple diet.

• Trust your pet’s instinct. If he is not approving a food, there are chances he might be allergic to some of the ingredients present in it. This can be a useful tip for the new pet parents.

2. Break a sweat with your pet

Obesity is one of the greatest enemies for your pet. It not only makes him lethargic but also reduces the lifespan of animals. Hence, it is important to keep in check the exercise pattern in your pet.

• Walking is perhaps the easiest and most useful exercise for your pet which keeps the blood pressure, bone density and heart in check.

• Dancing and jogging are also great workout routines that improve the lung capacity of the pet, keeping him happy go lucky.

• Frisbee is another fun canine workout that keeps your pet active. Join a club where your pet also gets to socialise with other pets.

3. Pampering and grooming

Now, this is not even specific to dogs. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pampering and grooming session! If you have a pet spa in the town, do book a session and see how happy it makes your baby! Moreover, pampering should not be only restricted to spas and clubs but make sure to give him ample love and affection even inside the house.

4. Meet new friends

Socialising is a basic need for all living beings. We all look for people of our own type and so do pets. Join a club or form a society of people with pets so your favourite human can also find something for a ‘paw break’! The first 4-5 months of a pet’s life, especially a pup or a kitten is absolutely important for socialising.

One way of easy socialising is visiting your local park in the morning hours. Certainly, you will find dog parents sharing your thoughts on the same.

5. Understand your pet

It is extremely critical to develop an understanding with your pet. Obviously, if you have just adopted your baby, it might seem difficult at first but try and understand when he is hungry, happy or sad. Pets tend to get depressed too, therefore if you are sensing reduced activity on part of your pet, do take him to a vet.

6. Let him be on his own

Just like humans, animals also need some alone time to help them get back on track. If your pet is acting weird for the past few days, maybe what he really needs is some time alone. Don’t fret for it is quite natural. However, make sure he is not weary in his spirits.

7. Medications

Animals are more susceptible to catching worms and bacteria. Especially if you have a furry friend in your house, it is important to take all the preventative measures to avoid any uninvited trouble.

The bottom line is that you are your furry friend’s best friend and there is no one who can understand him better than you. With a little help from outside, you can make him the happiest creature on the planet!

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