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Keep Your Dog Healthy with These Five Tips

Healthy dogs are happy dogs. The healthiest dogs also often come with the healthiest of owners. It takes a lot of energy and exercise to parent a dog, but the good news is that those walks, that socialization, and that care work to improve your own health too.

The health benefits of owning a dog are numerous, but those health benefits are not a one-way street. To keep your dog healthy, you need to care for them properly, which means using these five tips:

1. Get Your Dog the Right Toys and Treats

There are many options when it comes to toys and treats for your dog. Some, like certain kinds of bones that splinter off when chewed, can actually be dangerous. Other toys are shredded before you know it. Others are not interesting to dogs at all. To get your money’s worth and to keep your dog safe you need the right toys and the right treats.

To get the right options always search up treats beforehand for choking hazards and other issues. Chews and dehydrated meats are often safe! As for toys, chews hardy options. Like the BarxBuddy suction cup dog pull and chew toy. Hard-wearing toys like that are self-entertaining, allowing dogs to chew and play tug of war for longer than you are capable of.

2. Exercising Them Correctly

Every dog breed has different levels of exercise requirements. You need to be well aware of the breed and what you can offer them. Those that live on large plots of land can pretty much bring any breed home as they have the space to allow their dogs to exercise fully. Those who live in small apartments need smaller dogs who require less exercise, as they will only have walking and dog parks to get out and exercise, rather than access to a garden.

3. Teach and Train Them

Dogs love to learn. Some dogs thrive on problem solving and do become aggressive and antsy when they do not have those problems to solve. There are many ways that you can cater to their brain. From toys that require problem solving to get to the treat, to setting up fun games for them (like hiding treats through the backyard for them to “hunt”).

4. Have a Consistent Routine

Feed your dog breakfast at the same time, lunch at the same time, and dinner at the same time. The amount of food you feed them should be appropriate to their size and activity levels. The same applies to their walking routines. Dogs can be very well behaved when they live with a routine, as they know when their needs will be met.

5. Have Pet Insurance

Healthy living does wonders to keep your dog in peak physical performance. What it cannot help with is underlying conditions, accidents, and so on. Having pet insurance means having the ability to pay and have your vet bills covered. If your pet gets a UPI, sometimes natural UTI treatment for dogs may not help, then it needs a better treatment. Pet insurance can make it easier to spread out costs of regular check-ups and of course can save your dog when it comes to surgery and other expensive treatments.

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