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8 Best Low-Carb Keto Drinks at Dutch Bros

Lately, keto drinks have created a buzz on social media and the mainstream media, with everyone talking about their health benefits. Many restaurants and coffee shops like Dutch Bros that specialize in keto drinks are also coming up everywhere.

Perhaps you are now wondering if you can find low-carb keto drinks at these coffee shops. That’s why this article offers you the top eight low-carb keto drinks to enjoy at Dutch Bros.

What Is a Keto Drink?


A keto drink is a beverage that’s prepared using supplements with exogenous ketones to help you achieve your nutritional ketosis, even when there’s glucose in your blood. When you have a low-carb diet or you are fasting, your body will produce ketones, sending you into a state of ketosis. When you are in this state, you’ll enjoy numerous health benefits, including faster weight loss and enhanced mental and physical performance.

That’s why keto drinks are mainly recommended for athletes and people who engage in intensive physical activities. If you are trying to lose excess body weight through exercising, these drinks will help you to achieve your results faster. Please note that under normal circumstances, your body relies on the glucose in your blood for generating energy.

So, when you deprive your body of the much-needed glucose by starving, fasting, or taking low-carb diets, your brain forces your body to generate energy from alternative sources like the stored fatty acids. Your body will convert these fatty acids to organic compounds referred to as ketones. This process of converting fatty acids to ketones is referred to as ketosis. The state of ketosis achieved through keto drinks is referred to as nutritional ketosis.

The main ketone component that’s responsible for achieving ketosis is known as beta-hydroxybutyrate. This and other ketone compounds are known to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which gives your body more energy. That’s why athletes and fitness enthusiasts are advised to have keto drinks as often as possible. This drink will not only increase your energy, but it will enhance your performance.

It’s also important to note that ketone compounds that are naturally produced by your body are known as endogenous ketones while those found in keto drinks are known as exogenous ketones. The exogenous ketones are advertised as an instant solution for ketosis needs, with claims of taking your body into the state of ketosis in a matter of hours, even when there’s glucose in your blood.

Benefits of Taking Keto Drinks


If you check different social media platforms, you’ll come across countless posts outlining the benefits of keto drinks. But you’ll also find some posts discrediting some of these benefits. This will definitely leave you more confused. That’s why this article offers you the main and undisputed benefits of keto drinks.

1. Enhanced Production of Mitochondria

Research has shown that your body cells will start to produce new mitochondria when you take keto drinks and ketogenic diets for increased energy. The increased production of mitochondria will mainly occur in your brain cells, thus improving your cognitive performance.

2. Regeneration and Protection of the Nervous System

Various tests have revealed that continuous use of ketogenic diets helps to retain the volume of maturing nerve cells and enhance the recovery of your sensory system in case it’s harmed or failing.

3. Antioxidants

Taking keto drinks for energy supply helps to decrease the number of free radicals and receptive oxygen species in your body. Therefore, you’ll retain your youthful appearance for a long time and avoid illnesses caused by these elements.

4. Muscle Mass Preservation

Apart from increasing fat loss, ketones also help to enhance your muscle mass and preserve it for a long time. This preservation is mainly seen in people who take low-carb diets to improve their fitness.

5. Prevent Cancer

Studies have shown that cancer cells can’t rely on ketones for energy supply. Without energy, these cells won’t develop rapidly. And if you have a healthy and strong framework, your body will dispose of the cancerous cells.

6. Enhanced Quality of Life for Autism Patients

Numerous tests have shown that ketogenic diets can improve or even reverse the symptoms of autism in mice. So, scientists are optimistic that this will also work for humans, especially since human brain cells have shown to perform better when they consume ketones for energy instead of sugar.

8 Keto Drinks at Dutch Bros

1. Americano


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This keto drink is one of the most popular drinks at Dutch Bros. It’s made with specially brewed espresso coffee and hot water. It can be served either hot or cold with ice cubes. The good thing about this drink is that it has zero carbs.

You can give your Americano some creaminess and more flavor by adding cream or sugar-free syrup for a taste.

2. Cold Brew


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This Dutch Bros keto drink is made with coffee grounds and how water. Therefore, it doesn’t have carbs. Sometimes it’s combined with white Mocha for additional flavor. Heavy cream will also make your Cold Brew creamier.

3. Nitro Cold Brew


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Dutch Bros serves the original Nitro Cold Brew drink, which doesn’t have flavorings like the other versions.

Your barista will switch the flavorings for a sugar-free version, which is keto-friendly. Removing flavors from your Nitro Cold Brew lowers its carbs to less than 10 grams.

4. Blue and Peach Rebel


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The Blue Rebel drink is a special energy drink that’s only available at Dutch Bros shops. It almost tastes like Red Bull. This drink is sugar-free. You can even make it more flavorful without adding sugar to it by giving it a peach flavor.

5. Breve


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Breve is a special keto-friendly drink that’s made with espresso and the Kick Me Mix. The Kick Me Mix used is half and half. If you understand how fat plays an important role in making ketogenic diets effective, you’ll find Breve quite useful. If you want to make it more flavorful, you should add some of Dutch Bros sugar-free syrups.

6. Carburetor-Style Drink

This drink is usually made with a blended frozen drink without some of the main ingredients. For example, it can be made by removing the Freeze mix, which has dairy products and sugar. To make your carburetor-style drink more flavorful by adding sugar-free fruit flavorings.

7. Paris Tea and Green Tea


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Dutch Bros serves two main types of teas that are keto-friendly: Paris tea and green tea. You can sweeten your tea without increasing its carb count by adding Dutch Bros flavors such as Truvia and Splenda.

8. Dutch Classics


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Dutch Bros offers numerous classics, all of which can be turned into sugar-free drinks by flavoring them with sugar-free syrups. One of the most common Dutch classics is the sugar-free Caramelizer, which is prepared using sugar-free chocolate paste and caramel.

How to Order Keto Drinks at Dutch Bros: 4 Tips


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With such a huge variety of keto drinks served at Dutch Bros shops, it may be a bit difficult to choose the one that meets your dieting needs. But with the right information about these drinks, you shouldn’t have a problem ordering your favorite keto drink. Here are some useful tips for ordering keto drinks at Dutch Bros.

1. Avoid Smoothies

Since most smoothies are fruit-based, they’re not keto-friendly. Fruits contain large amounts of sugar, which isn’t good for a ketogenic diet.

2. Make It Black

The easiest way to ensure that your Dutch Bros keto drink is low-carb and sugar-free is to keep your coffee black. If you want to add flavor to your black coffee, add a sugar-free syrup.

3. Go for Low-Calorie Options

If you are taking a keto drink for weight loss purposes, make sure it doesn’t have a lot of calories. Therefore, avoid dairy products and stick to other milk choices, such as coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk.

4. Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy Whipping cream is a low-carb way of making your keto drink creamier. It’s also a perfect high-fat alternative for whipped cream.

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