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Knowing These Breast Cancer Symptoms Will Let You Deal With Them Effectively!

You’ve had issues with your breast of late. Unfortunately, it may not be “just another issue.” You’ve to understand that you may have a bigger problem at hand. 

It’s easy to slip into a panic when you don’t know what is going on. But you don’t want to worry yourself so much that you talk yourself into ignoring the issue and hoping it resolves itself on its own.

As per the National Cancer Institute, 12.8% of women in the United States may develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Moreover, the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age. However, females can develop it at any age. 

Watch out for these symptoms and take necessary actions as soon as possible. 

Lump – Hard and Painless

A lump is one of the most common and well-known symptoms you need to check for when monitoring breast cancer. However, every lump noticed does not indicate breast cancer. 

As per the American Cancer Society, the lumps can be consistent with pregnancy, breastfeeding, or normal changes in the monthly cycle. 

However, you should visit a doctor if you notice a lump for more than one period cycle. 

Discoloration of Breast Skin

This symptom is generally noticed in women above the age of 60. It is a type of inflammatory breast cancer (a rare type of breast cancer). 

If your breast feels heavy and you notice that it is red and swollen, it could be a red flag and need immediate attention. 

Also, if you notice breast skin discoloration in your thirties (while breastfeeding), you might have mastitis (infection of the tissue of the breast caused due to blocked milk duct).  

It is a red flag if you are postmenopausal and do not recall any recent bug bite or injury. You should visit a doctor to undergo a complete breast exam to eliminate inflammatory breast cancer. 

Breast Shrinking

Of late, you may be noticing one breast becoming smaller than the other. If you don’t know it yet, it is a red flag. You’ve got to visit your doctor soon!

But why does this happen? You may ask. 

Well, one of the possible causes for the shrinkage of the size may be a tumor. The tumor pulls the ligaments and skin. This causes shrinkage. The majority of the breast tissue is made of fat. The fact is, Cancer cells eat the fat. 

Now you know!

Golf Ball Texture of the Breast

If you notice dotting on your breast like small craters, then it might indicate breast cancer. 

As discussed above, the tumor causes breast shrinkage. This leads to the formation of irregular divots on your breast.

You may notice some change in the texture of the breast, a possible orange peel appearance. This symptom is known as peau d’orange, which is generally seen in inflammatory breast cancer. 

Inverted Nipples – One or Both

For some females, their nipples are pointed. For some, they are flat. And some females have inverted nipples naturally. This is not a sign of breast cancer. 

However, you should visit a doctor to evaluate if you notice that your nipple is inverted and is no longer erect. 

Unusual Nipple Discharge

When you are lactating, it is normal to have breast milk coming out from your nipples. If you notice any other discharge (including bloody discharge) from your nipples, it could be a red flag. 

Many factors may be responsible for nipple discharge, some of which include benign growth and cancer. If you notice an unexpected nipple discharge, you should visit a doctor for further evaluation without further delay. 

Final Word

Coming to terms with breast cancer is never easy. Let alone undergoing further evaluation and treatment for the same. 

The increasing number of females diagnosed with breast cancer would help if you enroll yourself in a breast cancer coaching and navigation program. The Chrysalis Initiative could be a good option. 

We are sure the above-stated tips were helpful to you!

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