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Top 6 Laptops for Digital Nomades Under Budget

Are you calling yourself a Digital Nomad? If yes then what would be your first must-have thing in your bag? Your laptop of course! As the name suggests being a digital nomad asks you to work and stay connected to the world digitally.

Hence you need a solid system that would support your functions. The first thing that you would need to check whether your laptop is travel-friendly or not. If not then it is time to get the new one for yourself. You will find many options at stores such as JW Computers for the laptop but at the same time, it can also land you in a confusion.

Hence here is the list of the laptops that you can consider being the digital nomad.

1. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 is known as the most preferred option nowadays for digital nomads. This is a compact model and hence it is easy to fit in your backpack. It comes with tiny bezels and a slim tapered body. It has a screen the size of 12inches and it weighs around 2.7 pounds. It is easy to carry and you can even use it on the airline tray table.

Here you can choose the latest intel 11th generation i3, i5, or i7 processors. You can get the RAM up to 32GB. It also comes with a drive of 2TB along with the facility of UHD + touchscreen. It also has a great battery life but the only con you will find in this laptop is the absence of USB-A and USB-C sockets.

2. Apple Macbook Air M1

Apple never disappoints us and hence it has even made it to the list of preferred laptops for digital nomads. Apple Macbook Air M1 is considered one of the best laptops for travel. It is smaller in size and lightweight. There are two variants to choose from this model.

Both of the variants come with RAM of 8GB which can be configured up to 16GB RAM along with the storage of 2TB. It weighs around 1.3kg It comes with a retina display true tone screen. This laptop has two USB C Thunderbolt ports for charging purposes along with the headphone jack. This laptop provides you with a battery life of up to 15 hours with normal browsing. The only issue you would find in this laptop is the price as it is the expensive model in this category.

3. Lenovo Flex 5 14

If you are on a budget then you can consider getting the Lenovo Flex 5 14 which is perfect for travel. This is a 2 in 1 device that can be folded backward and can be used as a tablet as well. Hence it would be your perfect companion while working or watching movies on the flight. It comes with 16GB RAM and a storage of 256GB.

Here you will also get the Vega 6 Graphics card along with a display of 14 inches. This travel-friendly laptop weighs around 3.6 pounds and the battery life can support up to 10 hours. It has plenty of ports but it could be a bit heavy for traveling.

4. Acer Spin 3

If you are looking for a lightweight compatible laptop then Acer Spin 3 can be on your list of considerations. Acer Spin 3 is known as a powerful machine that consists of RAM of 8GB and the storage of 512GB. It is a convertible device and hence you can even use it as a table to watch your favorite movies while traveling. It has a screen with 14inches in size.

You will also get the access to latest WIFI 6 chipsets while the battery backup helps you to run the laptop for around 11 hours. It is a good value-for-money device that offers plenty of storage. The only bearing with this laptop is the common single USB C port.

5. Lenovo Yoga C940

Here comes another device in 2 in 1 convertible series for digital nomads. Lenovo Yoga C940 could be the best pick if you are on a budget. It offers high-end quality features including an Intel i7 processor, RAM of 12GB along with 512GB drive. Here the battery can run up to 15 hours and you will also get the stylus for the navigation purpose when used as a tablet. Here the only con is the weight of the laptop which is around three pounds.

6. Microsoft Surface Go 2

If you are looking for a tablet computer with a smaller screen then Microsoft Surface Go 2 would be the best pick for you. It comes with the Pentium gold processor which is comparatively faster and additional storage. It has 4GB RAM and sluggish storage of 64GB. You can also go for the upgraded version that offers RAM of 8GB and a storage drive of 128GB.

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