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How To Learn Exponents In An Engaging Way?

Exponents is a very vital and significant concept of mathematics. It can be mastered with the help of seven rules that revolve around the concept of exponents. Multiplying exponents are very easy, simple to understand, and solve. Exponents are one of the topics that will help the students in their other subjects such as chemistry, geometry, and physics.

What are Exponents?

Exponents are a mathematical and numerical operation that causes repeated multiplication. Multiplication tells us how many times to add a given number, and similarly, exponents tell us how many times a given number is multiplied. In order to solve exponents, we have a set of exponent rules that must be followed.

There are three different special exponents(Special Exponents are 2, 3, and 0):

  • 2: the power of two can also be called squared (two-dimensions)
  • 3: the power of three can also be called cubed (three-dimensions)
  • 0: any base raised to the power of zero is always equal to one.

Why do we use Exponents?

When the numbers are given in very large units like 87,999,000,678, then it is not easy to read them, and thus, we write them in the form of exponents. Exponents make these numbers easy to read, write, understand and contrast. To write huge numbers in short form, we can use exponents.

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How to Learn Exponents in an Engaging Way?

Start with the Basics

The most important thing in exponents is its vocabulary and concept. It is important for the students to remember the basics of multiplication as well. Multiplication is repeated addition. The students can understand the concept of simplifying an exponent is represented like recurrent multiplication.

Students should be guided to strengthen their basics and skills in exponents. Students should emphasize the difference between the base and the power. Students should also understand special situations, like powers of 1, 2, and 0.

Remember the 7 Rules

Students must remember the seven rules that are stated very accurately. These seven rules are very important in the exponent’s chapter. They help students to understand and grasp the basics of exponents and master the topic. When the students come across an equation or problem with exponents, they should think about each of the exponent rules.

Students should start by identifying which of the exponent rules matches in order to solve the equation. Then, they can quickly and easily determine the best way to simplify the problem and give the solution. Students should be sure and follow the order of operations to follow the correct steps for the given equation using documents shared by fellow students on Studocu. Then the students can simplify and discover the correct solution.

Solve Different Equations

Students should solve and practice all kinds of sums of exponents. There are a variety of equations that the students should practice in exponents. Every sum reflects a particular rule of exponents.

When students start solving various sums, they will come across different ways to discover the correct solution. Practice makes a student perfect. Students should regularly practice sums based on exponents. Constant practice will make the students faster and more accurate while solving equations.

Switch to Online Courses

The world of the internet today offers us plenty of choices. Along with social, even educational structures are building and strengthening. There are many free online courses available for students to take help from. These online courses offer fast and effective ways of teaching. They have fun and interactive worksheets along with answer sheets that will enhance the student’s skills and knowledge in exponents.

Online courses have professional and expert teachers that can assist students and solve their doubts. The students do not have to worry about reaching on time and can take up these classes in their own free time.

Exponents will be very easy to learn and teach with the help of these tips and tricks. Students can master their concepts and excel in exponents.

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