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5 Things to Do When Leaving Your Job

You may be rehearsing various scenarios in mind on how to quit a job! If so, then you are in the right place.

Not everyone is aware of the etiquettes of leaving your current job! You have to leave on good terms as someone from the current job may cross your path in the future.

It’s also possible that the current company may want to rehire you by offering you better pay and salary.

Read on for more information.

1. Email Your Employer

It’s better to let your employer know that you plan on leaving the job. You can send an email to your employer saying that you want to discuss something important. Don’t mention quitting at this point. When you meet your employer, you can talk about leaving the job.

2. Write A Formal Resignation Letter

In order to know how to quit a job, it’s important for you to bear in mind that it’s wise to write a formal resignation letter. It stays on the file so it’s better if you write a formal letter that’s short and formally informs the company that you plan on leaving. Also, mention your last day.

3. Give Two Weeks’ Notice

When leaving your current job, it’s wise to give a two weeks’ notice. Doing so can help the company to find a suitable replacement. It’s especially important if you are the key person on the job.

4. Resign On Friday Afternoon

It may sound interesting to you to resign on a Friday afternoon, but think about it! When the whole day has passed, you can talk to your employer and hand over the letter as you need not answer a lot of people plus there will be less time to spend at the office after such a difficult situation.

You can mention in the resignation letter that you are leaving the job because of personal reasons, but you need not provide each and every detail for it.

5. Stay In Touch With Colleagues

First, you have to inform your boss and then your colleagues. It’s possible that you share a thought with your colleague and it informs your employer about your decision in advance. When you let your boss know such details in advance, it shows that you respect them! Then you let the colleagues know that you plan on quitting.

Stay in touch with your colleagues as you never know who may cross your path in the future. There is no point in burning the bridges.

Wrapping It Up

There can be tons of things going on in your mind when you plan on quitting your job. No matter what, always try leaving on a positive note. You don’t want to burn the bridges. You may cross paths with the current boss or colleagues in the future. Write a formal resignation letter, but don’t put detailed reasoning or negative emotions on it. It stays on the file when I quit the job.

Resigning on a Friday afternoon sounds like a good idea as there will be less time to deal with the current situation. However, it’s advisable if you provide a two weeks’ notice as it will help the company to find a suitable replacement.

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