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5 Powerful Tips Before Going Live on Facebook

Social media marketing comes with loads of competition, especially on popular platforms like Facebook. In such cases, you need to find a way to stand out to be able to attract the attention of your audience.

One way of doing this is by beating the Facebook algorithm. This algorithm helps decide which pages should rank higher on searches and which ones should get more visibility and exposure. Using certain features can help you to rank higher on the algorithm.

One such feature is Facebook Live. Using this, your audience can view your Live stream and interact with you via comments directly. There are many benefits to going Live, such as increasing audience engagement, gaining more publicity, etc.

One way to get more engagement on Facebook is by investing in views, followers, and likes. You can buy Facebook likes, views and followers from websites such as and ViewsExpert to encourage more people to check out your page. This also gives you a wider audience for your Live stream.

In this article, we will be sharing 5 tips with you that can help you make the most of your Facebook Live.

1. Organise Your Ideas

It is crucial that you plan out your Live well in advance. You need to know why you are streaming, what you will be talking about, and even create a structure on how your stream is going to progress.

This helps you to be confident while you are streaming and avoid any awkward pauses. You will be able to cover all the topics you wanted to and not forget any details. Additionally, you need to pace yourself and try to stick to the time that you have allotted for the Live.

The limit for a Facebook Live is 4 hours. The longer you stream, the more viewers you can get. However, you must find a balance since if you extend your broadcast for too long, people may get bored and leave.

So keep it to the point and not too long. To be able to carry out a successful Live stream, you have to organise your ideas and practice.

2. Choose a Proper Venue and Time

Apart from having a lot of viewers on your stream, it is also important to maintain their attention on you and what you talk about. For this, you must choose the right place and time.

For a venue, choose a place that has minimal distractions and is brightly lit. Having a background that’s aesthetically pleasing is also helpful in keeping your audience’s attention on you.

For your sound quality to be good, make sure that the place you are in does not have any loud noises such as that of an ongoing construction or a busy street. You should also choose a time such that most of your followers are active. You can find data on this using the Analytics tool on Facebook.

3. Promote

You must promote the details of your Live stream on all the social media platforms where you have a presence. This will help you to garner a huge audience and even creates a sense of curiosity among your followers.

By doing so, people will keep waiting for the Live stream and will be excited about it. This can tremendously boost your popularity. For instance, if you have an e-commerce business page on Facebook and are planning to go Live to show your latest products, promoting your stream will create excitement among your customers.

Once your stream starts, people will pick the products they like and the orders will start rolling in. Everyone wants to be a part of the latest trends. So you must tap into this energy and make the most of it.

4. Test Everything

Check all your equipment well before you start streaming. Make sure that the devices you’ll be using for your stream are fully charged to avoid any unfortunate breaks in your broadcast.

You can also do a dry run of your stream by selecting the privacy setting of “Only Me” and going live. This way you can check if everything is working or not. Another important thing to ensure is whether your internet connection is fast enough.

Bad internet connectivity results in a lag in audio and video which will make your audience disinterested in your stream. So test all these parameters at least an hour before the time of your stream.

5. Name Your Live Stream

Finally, it is important to have a title for your Live stream. This helps your viewers know what your stream is about and it also helps you to categorise and save the stream. Facebook sends your followers notifications about your streams, and having a title makes it easier for them to decide whether or not they want to attend the broadcast.

An interesting title will make people want to check out your stream. So be creative with it and attract more viewers.

Conducting Live streams can lead to a jump in the number of your followers. This is because you will gain more exposure, and your followers will share your stream on their own accounts. By doing this, they introduce your page to their followers.

The first step to gaining followers is making sure they hear about you. Following this, you can further advertise your page and gain more and more followers.

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