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Benefits Of Using An LMS That Integrates With Salesforce

An organization’s sales team is arguably one of the most critical departments because they represent the company. Consequently, no matter how good the company’s products or services are, if the sales team does not have the competency to close the sales and nurture the clients, the organization will suffer.

Besides understanding that the sales tactic is necessary to excel in the field, the sales department must be well-versed with the organization’s products or services. By imparting proper training, the organization can ensure that the team is equipped with all the knowledge and expertise they need to compete in the market with other salespeople.

Nowadays, innovative learning management solutions provide the latest information and learning modules to the sales team. Practical training will develop the team’s skills and sharpen their existing skills. While there are various kinds of LMS you can choose for your organization, only a handful is the trusted Salesforce LMS. The LMS integrates with Salesforce to provide a holistic and seamless experience.

Benefits of using a platform that enables the integration with Salesforce

Faster onboarding process

You can do personalized training modules based on the sales representative’s interests and requirements when you have an integrated LMS and CRM software.

Utilizing an employee’s requirements and the particular skill set to tailor a learning path will make the onboarding process more straightforward and time-efficient.

Better dispersal of information

The sales rep needs to know about any updates in the products or the services, no matter how small the changes are. Knowing such important information can make or break sales. Using an LMS that enables integration with CRMs like Salesforce, the organization can centrally publish or update data.

Simply put, a centralized source of data makes it easier for the reps to acquire any information they need and helps deliver the information to prospects in a better way.

It makes for good closers

The most important aspect of sales is that a rep must know how to win the closing. They must have ample hands-on training to face the clients and close the deals with the best possible terms for the organization and the customers.

The organization can take virtual classes or conduct live sales call demonstrations to coach the sales departments by using an LMS. It removes the tedious process of working in in-person training sessions as the organization would then have to manage logistics, attendance, accommodation, and much more.

Insights into the impact of training

With a salesforce LMS, the organization can link the training activity and performance in the learning modules to their sales performance. Comparing the two makes it easier for the sales managers and L&D managers to assess the efficacy of the sales training.

What are the essential features of a Salesforce LMS?

Automated enrollment

The LMS will automatically generate an account using the Salesforce profiles. Based on the reps’ profile and designation, it will enroll them in the course that the L&D managers have mandated for their specific department, position, or job role.

Integration of customer information

Enables the organization to track the reps’ performance by linking the customer data and the training history. This provides the company with a deeper understanding of all the business opportunities.

Integration with messaging platforms

Besides E-mail, the organization also uses an instant messaging platform that enables quick and effective communication. Integrating the LMS with instant messaging solutions, such as slack and teams, makes it easier for the employees to share files or access earning modules through IM apps. It will help make learning a part of everyday conversation.


These are some benefits of using an LMS that enables integration with CRMs like Salesforce. For better productivity, you must look out for the above-mentioned features in an integrated LMS.

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