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How To Make Your Employees Feel Part Of The Team

Employees can be fickle characters. This is especially true when you are running a medium to large-sized business, juggling the concerns of many different people across a variety of diverse backgrounds. This is why it’s important to see your business as a kind of large family, where it’s essential to maximize the well-being of everyone involved.

In this article, you’ll find four ways to make your employees feel like a part of the team. Read on below to see which options best suit your business.

Run ‘Town Hall’ Style Meetings

You may have seen politicians running these types of events when they run for political office. They stand on a stage and take questions from members of the public. You can run a similar event with your employees.

Whether you are the CEO or the HR manager, it’s really important that key leaders in the office are present during these types of meetings. It shows that they care and that they take the concerns of employees seriously.

Schedule One-on-One Feedback Sessions

Equally important as group meetings are one-on-one feedback sessions. You will find that just because someone hasn’t been speaking up in a group session, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to say.

By scheduling personal and intimate meetings with employees by themselves, you will give them an opportunity to say what is on their mind. By taking their concerns seriously and attentively, they will quickly feel like they are a part of the decision-making process.

Regular Online Surveys

For quick, simple, and effective feedback, perhaps it’s worth setting up an online survey system where employees can answer a range of issues that can then be tabulated and converted into real results. The type of questions that you could ask on an online survey could range on a variety of issues, including:

• Individual career goals.
• Whether they have interviewed for other jobs.
• Whether they are happy at their job.
• Key motivational triggers.
• Why they joined the company.
• Their workplace satisfaction.
• How the company could improve.
• How the company could make employees happier.
• An open space for feedback.

The great thing here is that you can make a lot of these surveys completely anonymous, meaning that employees can give their honest opinion about the state of the business. Research has proven that honest feedback works! One good option is, which can quickly help you set up great workplace surveys.

Offer Pay Rise and Bonus Incentives

Use the carrot instead of the stick! By setting high targets and telling employees that there is an economic incentive to meet them, you will not only boost productivity but also make the employees want to do their best to boost teamwork skills.

By then rewarding those activities, you will breed loyal employees who will then go that further mile in the future. A great example is construction legend CC Myers, who regularly offered bonuses to his crew for finishing projects ahead of time, making him one of the fastest contractors in the USA.

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