Quarantine Keeping You Indoors? 5 Ways to Make Your Home a Summer Sanctuary

make home summer sanctuary
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Quarantine has kept many of us indoors. And during that time, many homeowners have done what they could with what they had to create a more livable, inviting space to hunker down in. But after months of quarantine, doubled by a cold winter, isn’t it about time to create the perfect retreat?

From adding vases of sunflowers and greenery to hanging colorful art of seaside landscapes, here are five ways to make your home a summer sanctuary.

1. Invite Summer Scents into the Home

To make your home feel more like a summer sanctuary, invite summer-inspired scents into the home. From flowers to candles, there are countless ways you can do it!

Add a few summer scented candles reminding you of picnics in the park (remember those?) and the taste of a juicy watermelon on a balmy afternoon. Missing your summer vacation? Try beach candles to transport you to a coastal cottage with open windows and salty sea air.

If you have allergies, seek out a soy-based candle offering non-toxic, natural oils and ingredients. You could also opt for a reed diffuser or an oil diffuser instead. Either way, adding certain essential oils and scents to your home can help to lower your anxiety levels and even help you sleep better. And that’s something we could all use right now.

2. Swap Out the Fabrics

Winter months call for thicker fabrics to keep us warm during the chilly months. However, now that winter has come and gone, you no longer need those bulky throws, bedspreads and bed linens. Instead, swap out all your knitted and wool items with something lighter and breezier.

Consider more airy fabrics, such as crisp linens and premium Egyptian cottons. Be sure to replace the down feather duvet with a lightweight coverlet, too! You can even find bed sheets made of a breathable bamboo fiber to get a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to patterns, choose fabrics conveying a summer sanctuary vibe. Think of coastal, nautical stripes and tropical florals and petals. Pastel-colored fabrics also lend a serene sanctuary-esque flair to your home with their restful, soothing hues.

Don’t forget to swap out your curtains, too–especially if you have blackout curtains that keep a room dark and protected from the sun. Pull those curtains back and allow the natural sunlight to flood your summer sanctuary home. Use lighter shades like pastels on the curtains as well. You might even consider having a double curtain rod with a sheer curtain tucked behind.

The same goes for rugs! While not necessarily a fabric, it does have fibrous materials, such as wool, that can make your space feel heavier than intended. Instead, swap it out with something more natural like a woven rattan rug or a low-pile viscose to make your home appear not-so-weighed down.

3. Give Your Home a Designer Look

Furniture can make or break a room. And if your home is to be your summer sanctuary, then make it right! Furniture, while a big investment, is worth the expenditure–especially if it ties a room together or brings you joy.

With many online shops selling furniture, lighting and more at discounted prices, you have countless options. Just be sure to invest in something you’re sure to love–not what’s necessarily trendy!

Consider placing a new dining table in your home to create a retreat for special dinners with your COVID bubble guests. Or, if you’re sick and tired of getting out of the same bed every day, replace it with something that makes you feel like you’re on vacation at a posh resort.

Also, ask yourself if you enjoy a more eclectic look or prefer a matching set of furniture? Mixing and matching does take effort and gives a designer look to your summer sanctuary, but can be accomplished if you are patient and able to wait for the right piece.

4. Hang Colorful Art

Transform your home into a summer sanctuary by swapping out your art and photos. Instead of hanging up paintings and illustrations that evoke colors of autumn or winter, consider more colorful additions.

Look for illustrations of graphical art pieces aesthetically pleasing to your eye. Art is all subjective, so choose something you will enjoy looking at while adding ambiance and character to your summer sanctuary. You could also hang photos that bring back fond memories of past summers.

Make sure to break up the flow of your art arrangements or focal wall. Look for different sized pieces, such as an oversized mirror to reflect natural sunlight or a few smaller pieces grouped together to make a collection. Of course, for summer, stick to summer-like themes, such as seaside landscapes or a pine-scattered lakeside with a cabin.

5. Incorporate Greenery

A summer sanctuary needs greenery–plain and simple! Incorporate a few plants into your home in any way you can. If you have a green thumb, consider placing a few succulents or broad-leafed plants around the house. Palms are sure to evoke a summer-inspired retreat, as will dahlias and the “cheese plant” Monstera, which is making a comeback right along with retro-inspired interiors.

Find indoor houseplants that are easy to care for and don’t require much effort. And if you really are bad at caring for plants, you can always consider something resembling the real thing with lifelike silk flowers. Cacti is also quite hard to kill and can even produce small buds. Be cautious of your allergies though and seek out allergen-free indoor plants like ivy or peace lilies. Also, be mindful of your pets’ allergies, too, as some plants can be toxic.

Now that you know how to make your home a summer sanctuary, staying indoors feels more like a treat. Until the day comes when we can enjoy a picnic in the park again, we can find peace right at home.

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