5 Things to Try Out in Bed to Make Your Relationship Great Again!

The issue with candles that burn at both ends is that they burn out twice as quickly. No matter how fierce the fire was when you’ve just started dating, as time passes, it is bound to lose on its strength.

People nowadays are too quick to jump ship at first sight of troubles. If you care about your partner, there are several things that you could try out in bed to make your relationship great once again. Let’s go!

Get over your fears…

There are things that you haven’t tried because you are too busy, and then there are those that scare you every time someone even mentions them. A lot of people are scared of bungee jumping. It’s not that they think that the chances of things going awry are significant.

Instead, no matter how sure you are that you won’t die, falling down at breakneck speed is scary. And some people would do anything to avoid that.

For some, it may be bungee jumping, but for you, it might be pegging. You’ve been told that your butt is responsible for one thing only, and it has nothing to do with pleasure. Perhaps that’s why you’ve been reluctant to let your partner cross some borders.

Fear is a natural reaction; it’s how we’ve been raised, and it’s challenging to get rid of those preconceived notions. If you are brave enough, you can check out some strap-ons here. Discuss this matter with your partner, but I’m sure she would be more than eager to help you to get over your fears.

Explore Terra Incognita

Are you the one who is more dominating during sex? Changing the usual roles could add some spiciness to your bedroom. If you bench three plates easily, and your wife is rather petite, perhaps handcuffs could serve as an equalizer.

Your arms might be the size of tree trunks, but your muscles won’t help you much if you can’t move your hands at all. If you haven’t ever tried the previous step, it’s best not to combine those two at first. You might feel too uncomfortable.

Why so fast?

It’s a natural order of things that as people get older, they have less time for each other. The career, the myriad of responsibilities, and those darn yoga classes; there’s just too much of it. As a consequence, you are making love less frequently, and the sessions are shorter as well.

If you want to reignite the fire, you could try making the foreplay much, much longer. Instead of 2 minutes, make it 40. You won’t be able to do it every day; there’s simply not enough time, but when you finally do it, focus on your partner wholeheartedly.

Sex itself is great, but sometimes less is more. Don’t take all of your clothes, so that when the time is finally up, and you can proceed to the next part; you’ll be craving your partner like you haven’t in years.

Role play!

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of casting spells, waving your wand, and fighting with nose-less people? Or, maybe, recently you’ve had weird sexual dreams involving Severus Snape? Role play is an excellent way of making all your weird fantasies come through.

Your wife could dress up as a young sorceress who isn’t the brightest student in all of the Hogwarts, but who is willing to do anything to pass the year. That’ just an example; not all of your sex fantasies have to involve Severus Snape. But there certainly wouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

Danger! High Voltage!

You could implement an element of fear into your sex life in more than one way, but the one thing that you absolutely should try is risky sex. I’m not talking about the infamous birth control method, sometimes called “pull out, quick!”. What if there is a possibility that some strangers might see you making love?

A bed is more comfortable, but there’s nothing like a thrill of doing it in a hunting stand. Your imagination is the only limit. Just try to avoid making love where you might get easily spotted, or someone might call the cops. Or, just try to be extra quiet.

Pursue happiness with diligence

If we encounter any troubles in our relationships, we are very quick to jump ship. We are often scared by the obstacles that we have to deal with that may seem insurmountable. We are not only extremely complex creatures; each one of us prioritizes different values, which can sometimes lead to conflict.

It doesn’t mean, though, that there’s no remedy for that; otherwise, the human race would die out a long time ago. If both of you put enough effort into revitalizing your relationship, eventually you will find something that manages to make you feel like you were a teenager again.

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