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6 Marketing Statistics Hacks Only The Pros Know

The world of marketing is dynamic and very versatile. It is ever-changing with all of its elements – trends, technology, and tactics, never being stagnant. That is the reason why it is essential for your business to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. No one wants to fall behind their competitors when it comes to running a business, right? Everyone wants to stay one step ahead of the curve and make it big. Proper marketing can take you to new heights & help you reach your goals efficiently.

But, how are you going to identify the correct marketing strategy for your brand? One of the best ways to do it is by keeping an eye on the detailed marketing statistics. It does not matter if you are focusing on social media marketing, SEO, video marketing, or any other form of marketing; the statistics will help you identify the right strategy for your business.

Let’s check out the top 6 marketing statistics of 2021 that are known only by professionals.

1. Make Use of Video Marketing

Of all the different marketing strategies that are being used in the industry, video marketing is leading the front. Videos are one of the most effective forms of media all across the board. According to a 2019 report, it has been found that 87% of all marketing professionals use video as their favorite marketing tool. It has the ability to reach out to at least four times the customers who would rather watch a video than read a text.

With the incredible rise in the popularity of videos in the industry, marketers are trying to use videos in every marketing campaign. 24% of businesses are using videos in their leadership messages, and 32% of all businesses use video for generating more sales. That is the reason why YouTube has become the biggest video sharing platform and can offer the best ROI for those who are planning to use a video.

2. Have Faith in Influencer Marketing

A lot of people believe that influencer marketing is the best form of marketing to date. Many don’t agree with the statement. No matter what you believe in, you have to agree that influencer marketing has produced astounding results over the last few years. There were 7% of brands interested to spend more than $1 million in influencer marketing back in 2020. Therefore you can understand how crucial the impact of Influencer marketing can actually be.

89% of brands say that ROI from influencer marketing is better than a lot of other forms. The idea of influencer marketing is simple. You have to reach a well-known personality in your industry and ask them to promote your products or services. Due to their very loyal fan base, your brand can get a good amount of organic traffic. From small to big businesses, anyone can benefit from influencer marketing.

3. You Have to Focus More on Data

Without accurate access to data, it is not possible to lead the front using any marketing strategies. For digital marketers, it is important to stay ahead of their competitors in order to get the edge when promoting their products. But, that won’t be possible if you don’t have the right data to work on. Data-driven marketing can go a long way if you implement it the right way.

33% of top marketers have agreed it is crucial to invest in the right technologies in order to get the best ROI from their strategies. With the marketing industry becoming more complex than ever, the primary focus of the brands has shifted to data-driven campaigns. When you base your campaign on data, you can hardly go wrong because you have solid facts upfront.

4. Focus on Mobile Marketing

The rise of mobile users in the world is tremendous. That is why you should focus on mobile marketing as well. Statistics show that brands that have focused on mobile marketing have received better ROI on their investments and enjoyed a higher level of lead generation. By the end of 2021, it is expected that there will be 3.8 billion mobile users in the world. So, you have to reach out to them to promote your brand.

The mobile data traffic is expected to surge by 600% between 2016 and 2021. This clearly tells us how important it is to shift your focus to mobile marketing if you want to give your brand a successful image. For instance, HBO used a crazy new mobile campaign to promote the “True Blood” TV series. This marketing alone helped them to get a 38% better viewership. It takes time, patience, and dedication in order to make a mobile marketing campaign successful. But, once you master it, your brand benefits.

5. User-generated Content Works

If you think that user-generated content can’t produce the desired results, then you are quite wrong. It can work wonders. User-generated content is any form of content that is made by the users and shared by the concerned brand. Over the last few years, the number of B2B businesses using user-generated content has increased. It can help you to maximize your reach and create a more customer-friendly image in 2021.

At least 84% of all consumers have agreed that they trust peer recommendations when they are going to buy a brand new product. That is why when you are sharing user-generated content, it allows you to build trust and credibility between the brand & the customers. The people will now trust your products more than before.

6. Pay Attention to Brand Accountability

It is of vital importance in 2021 that brands focus on their accountability. People are more interested in trusting and shopping from brands that are more transparent. Brands that clearly show the human side of their organization can do much better than the ones who function like the old-school companies in an industry.

The more transparent & truthful you are about your actions and values, the better it is for the brand. Brands that were more transparent and held themselves accountable for their products saw 2 times increase in their overall sales & profits.

Final Words

Marketing statistics can tell you a lot about how the world has changed in the past few years, especially if you are running a business. Make sure to check out these top 6 statistics that we have discussed here to get an idea about how to promote your brand from now. Let us know which of these statistics helped you to formulate the right strategy for the overall development of your brand in 2021.

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