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Meraki Meaning: Why This Is the Word You Should Live By

People in the modern age often borrow terms or phrases, even words, from other cultures. They take those terms and turn them into something new to describe something more relatable. The word meraki is no different. Learn more about the Meraki’s meaning in the article.

Meraki Meaning


Meraki is a Greek word that translates to the “essence of yourself” or “essence of ourselves.” It is also used in Japan to represent a concept, not necessarily a word. In Japanese, it means “something done with one’s soul, with creativity, effort, and a lot of love.” Both meanings are used when defining the word as used in popular culture as a word to live by.

It’s often used for the mundane sides of life, for the things you put your heart and soul into without realizing. When you spend a little extra time on your husband’s lunch or make your decorations a little extra fancy, you are exhibiting meraki.

However, it’s not just mundane parts of life. The arts, and the passions deep in your heart also are forms of meraki. A painting you’ve been struggling to finish, a dance you’ve worked on every day until you nailed it, or the meal you spend time making over and over again until it’s perfected. Each of these are examples of moments where you are using meraki.

Usage and Sentence Examples of Meraki

Meraki is usually a verb or an adverb within a sentence structure. However, it is also commonly used as a noun or even an adjective. This word can be used in almost every part of speech. This makes it a little complicated to use, but it also means that this word fits in a sentence anywhere you feel it’s right. Let this word and your intuition lead you not just in life, but in your sentence structure.

1. Meraki as a Verb: “She merakied her performance,” “He will meraki during this project,” and “They meraki their paintings.”
2. Meraki as an Adverb: “They performed meraki,” “She painted meraki,” and “He sang meraki.”
3. Meraki as a Noun: “She cooked with meraki”,” “He created this with meraki,” and “Their meraki can be seen through their art.”
4. Meraki as an Adjective: “Her work has meraki,” “His cooking is meraki,” and “Their meraki approach to life.”

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