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Netflix And Some Quality Shows On It

Television shows give us laughter when we are thinking negatively in circles depressing ourselves. At other times, television shows give us something to think about when we are not acting responsibly and taking things too lightly. In other words, television shows enrich our lives in multiple ways that are extremely meaningful.

How To Watch TV Shows

Once we have established how important television shows are, let us explore a little how you can watch them. Television shows can be watched on *surprise surprise* television. However, then, you have to first be able to like a show that is already available on television. Once that is done, you need to always be available at the right time when the show is airing.

In the case that you miss an episode, you feel like you have missed out on a bit of the plot. Fortunately for you, there is another way to watch television shows – streaming services. Streaming services allow you to whichever episode you want at whichever time. You do, however, require the internet when using these websites.

For circumstances in which you are currently not subscribing to an internet connection or have one that basically does not make the cut, go for Comcast internet. Comcast’s internet service provision brand – Xfinity – is known for its consistent provision of fast coverage.

Why Choose Netflix Over Its Competitors

Now that we have come to the conclusion that streaming services are way better for viewing shows and supplied ourselves with a quality internet connection, the next question to answer is which streaming service to choose out of many such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. In our humble opinion, we believe Netflix is the best option for you. We have detailed the reason behind our claim in the following paragraph.

There are a few big reasons to choose Netflix over competitors. First of all, it has one of the largest, if not the biggest, television series and movie libraries. To put it in numbers, the library includes as many as four thousand television shows and approximately two thousand movies. Now, that is called variety!

In effect, it is definite that you will find something you like and will be able to watch it anytime. The number of titles on offer is not the only big number when it comes to Netflix; the number of cultures and languages represented is also big. No matter whether you want to watch a Hindi show or a Spanish one, you are sure to be able to find it.

Moreover, you can see subtitles too so using Netflix may also very well help you learn a language and /or get a more global perspective by learning about different parts of the globe.

Netflix allows you to watch shows on many kinds of devices. These devices can be tablets, laptops, desktops, phones, and smart televisions. Moreover, as long as your friends and family know your password, as many people can use your account as possible. The only caveat is that there are limitations to the number of people who can use the account at the same time.

In the least expensive Basic version, no more than one person can use the streaming service at one time. In the medium-priced Standard version, two people can use the account at the same time. In the most costly Premium, as many as four people can use the account at a moment.

Television Shows Worth Watching On Netflix

Okay, we will be the first ones to admit that we cannot give you an objective list of the greatest shows on Netflix. We do not know all languages and we definitely do not have the time to watch every episode of two thousand shows! However, we did watch some of the more popular shows and these are the shows that, out of the more watched ones, stood out to us.


Friends may very well be the most-watched television show of all time. Even though it started airing back in 1994 and stopped airing back in 2004, every episode of it is watched ardently by millions of fans across the globe even today. The fact that it ran for as long as a decade itself speaks volumes about the quality of the show.

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is another show currently showing on Netflix. Like Friends, Big Bang Theory is also a comedy show. Another thing that is similar to Friends is that the show lasted for a sizeable number of years – twelve.


Bridgerton is a romantic show that is bound to bring you into a lovey-dovey mood. It is great to sit and watch with your partner after you, as a couple, get done with dinner. Perhaps, this is why the show is extremely popular and has been played in as many as 82 million households.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has helped you understand Netflix better.

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