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Oakley Sunglasses: Style Meets Functionality

There’s no doubt sunglasses are the kind of accessories that can complete an outfit by adding a stylish interest to it. This would explain why they’re available in a variety of models, and why they’re such a huge trend time and time again. And best of all is you won’t have to worry about designer sizes when choosing them. 

Let’s not forget shades offer another less-than-obvious practical benefit too: they’re the perfect cover for tired eyes that may or may not have something to do with sleep so much so, you won’t even have to bother to apply any makeup to go out and about.

Besides being a fashion fad with a practical twist to it, there’s also the fact they’re created to protect the eyes. So along with the aesthetic aspect, they have a functional one as well. It’s okay if you’re into fads and you like to keep up the pace with them, but if you care about your eye health, you ought to consider functionality to be a primary property to be on the look-out for.

Buy Quality, Buy Oakley

This is exactly what you get by investing in top-notch eyewear from a brand like Oakley. This is a name synonymous with durability and attention to detail, it’s not surprising many celebrities, royals and athletes have been wearing them for years. 

Part of this success is due to the choice of materials for the frames and lenses, the innovative technology they implement in creating them, and of course, the rigorous ANSI approved testing.

Once you get a pair of shades from this brand you can be sure it will last you for a long time. Even when you’ve put the lenses through wear and tear, the great news is you probably won’t have to part with your favourite frames as you have the chance to go green by buying affordable Oakley replacement lenses.  

It may sound too good to be true to extend the lifespan of your favourite pair of sunnies, but finding a trusted seller is all you have to do to ensure you make a great purchase by getting great optics. This would give you the certainty the lenses you get are made of quality materials and offer the needed UV and scratch protection.

Need more convincing?

Oakley Offers Clear and Colourful Vision

Sure, buying cheap sunglasses won’t in any way affect your budget but you also can’t expect to get a clear vision when wearing them. This won’t happen when you have your Oakley eyewear thanks to their patented HDO technology (High Definition Optics).

What this enables is you get an image through a single light point in the lens, which is what offers a clearer vision. In addition, it’s used to prevent dust and moisture from sticking to the lenses.

You won’t be disappointed when it comes to colours too, all this due to the other patented technology called Prizm. Along with enhancing the colours, it highlights all the features around.

So, as a result of wearing the Oakley sunglass lenses, you’d have a good view of the surroundings in true colour and detail. As there is increased depth perception, such lenses are ideal for people needing an enhanced vision when enjoying some top adventure activities outdoors.

Oakley Guarantees Protection

Regardless of whether or not you have sensitive eyes, it’s important to protect them from the harmful UBA and UVB rays. Solar radiation shouldn’t be taken lightly, not when there are chances of getting your eyes sunburned – it’s as painful as it sounds and might even result in cataracts!

You can have peace of mind about your eye health when wearing Oakley sunglasses with factory fitted or Oakley replacement lenses because they’re not only created to protect from UVA and UVB 100%, but they also provide a shield against the UVC as well as blue light. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, you can thank their choice of materials, like purified polycarbonate plutonite.

Considering the protection is filtered, and not applied to the lens in the form of a coating that can wear out with time, such lenses can protect the eyes from strain too. No more squinting (or the wrinkles it results in), and no more tired eyes!

Oakley Has Outstanding Frames to Choose From 

Okay, it’s not only the Oakley lenses that steal the show given that their frames aren’t to be overlooked either. No matter what you take from this “outstanding”, be it functionality, durability, or style, you’ve got it.

Despite the robust construction, the choice of materials and the use of technology are other key elements in the creation of the marvellous end-product. You can consider yourself spoilt for choice in terms of frame designs, as they’re available in a wide range of colours, styles and cuts, suitable for the different outfits and activities.

As for materials, you’ve got the incredibly flexible and lightweight plastic option like O-Matter. These are perfect if you’re out more than a few hours and fear fatigue from long use, like when you’re out all day trying to learn how to fish – they’ve got you covered as they conform to the head shape. 

If plastic isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to give the scratch and impact resistant C-5 alloy a try. Titanium alloy X-Metal is another durable, flexible yet rigid frame material that guarantees years of use. 

Once the lenses are at the end of their life, have the suitable Oakley replacement lenses fitted, and the sunnies with these frames will be as good as new.

To Sum Up 

Whichever frame material you pick, you can rest assured it’s money well spent. On the plus side, there’s also the fact once you invest in a pair of Oakley sunglasses, you can help out with the reduction of the carbon footprint as you’d have eyewear that’s of quality so you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Even if you want to get a different type, you won’t have to when you’ve got a smart solution like replacement lenses for Oakleys from well-stocked sunglass stores and sellers. As there are the different types of lenses created for different activities, available in polarised and non-polarised versions, you’d be able to get a new pair of shades by getting an array of lenses you can fit the frames with.

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