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5 Perfect Outfits To Wear In Hawaii

Hawaii is a great vacation and holiday destination for many people because of the views and the climate. However, with all the many activities in Hawaii, you might be confused as to what makes a perfect Hawaiian outfit if it’s your first time visiting. Using this guide, you will get exactly what outfits you need to pack your trip.

1. Beach and swimwear

These should be your basic and first items when putting together a Hawaiian outfit because, to be honest, the beaches and oceans encourage many people to go there.

There is also a lot of heat there, which always makes you want to jump into the water, whether you are swimming or doing other activities like beach volleyball.

When not in the water, you can spend your time sunbathing on the beach. Some of the items you can bring include bathing suits, swim cover-ups, swim shorts, a hat, and sunglasses.

2. Luau outfit

A luau is one of the top things many tourists do in Hawaii. It is a traditional Polynesian celebration, with a lot of music, dancing, and food. Kalua pig is one of the main dishes in the celebration. Luaus are normally fancy, and people hold them either at fancy resorts or beaches.

Mostly, they start in the evening with entertainment and drinks, which is your chance to dress up. To put together the perfect luau outfit, one of the staples is an airy, flowy, and long maxi dress.

To go with the maxi dress, you can put them together with classy flip-flops or beachy wedges. The people there will also give you a lei, a floral garland to represent affection and hospitality.

You can put a flower pin together with the lei, or you could go for a flower crown. If the weather is chilly, you can throw a crochet kimono over your maxi dress to cover your arms. To make you stand out and contrast the color of the ocean and trees, go for bold colors like orange.

3. Hiking outfit

Hawaii is one of the places with the best hiking landscapes, and you need to put that in mind when hiking. You need to carry relaxed clothes for the outfit to make it easy for you to walk and not make you hot.

Carry hiking sandals, a sporty top, and athletic shorts. For that, you can throw on a biker short and an airy crop top.

4. Daytime and sightseeing outfits

You need an outfit that you will be comfortable in as you walk through the countless attractions of Hawaii, and that will make you feel airy. For that, some of the pieces you need are rompers, sundresses, shorts, and tops. Preferably cropped tank tops.

5. Dinner and evening wear

There are many exotic restaurants and resorts all over Hawaii, and you need the perfect outfit to enjoy the view and the food. Decide whether your dinners will be formal or casual before choosing your outfit.

Some of the pieces you can consider include jumpsuits, floral blouses, dresses, white or floral wide-legged pants, a wrap or kimono for the chilly nights, and rompers if it is casual.

For all the clothes you choose, ensure they are thin and airy enough to keep you cool throughout. You should also try to make them bright and floral to go with the Hawaiian theme.

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